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The start of bring brings a host of lawn care and tree maintenance workers out in full force. But tree care is an especially perilous industry, as illustrated by a recent incident in Massachusetts. tree

According to the Boston Herald, a government employee for the public works department in Ipswich suffered severe injuries as he was struck by a falling tree while cleaning up debris following a brush fire. The worker was helping the state’s forestry division control a brush fire by finding and tamping down hot spots when a tree fell on top of him. He was flown by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. In Minnesota last month, a worker was seriously injured while trying to remove a tree in St. Louis County. He and his crew were trying to remove another tree when high-powered winds knocked over one nearby, landing on the worker. And in another case, a 20-year-old contract worker for the federal parks service in California was crushed to death by a tree at Yosemite that came crashing down during a powerful storm.

As OSHA notes, there are many serious hazards in tree care work. The two primary dangers are:

  • Falling trees/ objects.
  • Falls from trees.

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As far as brutal winters go, North Carolina tends to have it better than some of our northern neighbors. Still, we are no stranger to snow and ice, and this can create serious problems when motorists aren’t used to driving in these conditions and they fail to slow down.icewalk

Those who work on the roads in particular face hazards.

Case in point was a crash that recently injured a fellow motorist as well as a worker for the state department of transportation on a snowy highway exit ramp in Illinois. Continue reading

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