Coffee Shop Worker Recovering from Winston-Salem Job Injuries

There are a lot of ways one could get injured when working at a coffee shop. Burn injuries are an obvious type of injury that comes to mind. A worker could also get injured from having something fall on him or her in the supply room, or slipping and falling on a wet floor.

However, “Getting struck by a vehicle” is probably not on the list of likely scenarios.

1339587_catering_-_coffee.jpgHowever, according to a recent news article in the Winston-Salem Journal, one worker had come to the coffee shop early in the morning and began setting things up to serve customers their morning coffee. The store’s patio furniture stays out all night, but like many other businesses with out door furniture, employees run a cable lock through the chairs and tables to deter any theft.

The coffee shop employee was unlocking the patio furniture, as she normally did, the morning of the serious on-the-job injury, when she saw one car swerving to the left just as another car was headed right toward where she was standing. That was the last thing she remembered before being knocked unconscious. When officers arrived at the scene of the accident, they asked victim if a car hit her. She told them she just remembered seeing the car coming towards her and then she blacked out somehow.

Authorities say they have reason to believe there was another car involved, and this may have been some type of a road rage incident. They also believe one driver was driving in a dangerous and aggressive manner and caused the other car to swerve off the road and onto the patio of the coffee shop with the outdoor furniture.

Meanwhile, accident victim was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. There was debris form the wrecked vehicle in her hair, and doctors were concerned about damage to her cervical spine. However, after testing, they did allow her to take her neck brace off a few days later.

It was the business owner of a bakery next door that ultimately called the police and stayed at the scene to make sure everything was okay. According to their statements, the driver of the car that ran into the patio was in a state of shock following the accident. Authorities say the bakery and a bar next door where damaged by the car as it ran into the patio. The driver allegedly ran out of the car and keep yelling things like, “Oh my god, did I do this> Did I hit her?”

Even though employee was able to take the brace off of her neck, she is unable to walk without the assistance of a walker and was told by doctors it will be a few more weeks before she can walk again without assistance.

It is likely there will be future medical expenses for a person who cannot walk following an on-the-job injury, as our workers’ compensation attorneys in Rock Hill have seen before.

Future medical expenses can be made part of a workers’ compensation award in some cases.

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