Making Workplace Accident Prevention a 2014 Goal

The New Year means it is time for resolutions. Employers need to resolve to take workplace seriously safety this year and to do what they can to try to improve work conditions. business-men-silhouette-1014502-m.jpg

Employees can also do their part to protect themselves this year. Workers should resolve to know their rights when it comes to safety issues and to speak up if they believe something is wrong on their job site.

Preventing Workplace Accidents

Safety BLR provided some tips for employers to make accident prevention more than just a resolution over the course of 2015. Some of the best practices that employers should consider adopting this year to reduce workplace deaths include the following:

  • Don’t take shortcuts. Employees should not start work until all of their questions have been answered and employees should follow instructions carefully. Trying to get the job done ahead of schedule can lead to mistakes that increase the risk of injuries or increase workplace fatalities.
  • Focus on road safety. Driving incidents cost employers around $60 billion annually. Any company vehicles should be repaired as soon as problems develop. Employees who use company vehicle should also follow a protocol of checking the gas in the tank; the brake lights; the turn signals and the tire pressure before going out on any trip.
  • Adjust for weather conditions. Outdoor work can result in exposure to extreme weather conditions. Heat and cold can both be very dangerous for workers. Those who are doing their jobs outdoors need to make sure that they properly cover the parts of their body that are most prone to frostbite. This includes the face, the feet and the hands.
  • Ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is available and used. Employers need to go just beyond providing protective equipment to their employees. Workers should be trained in how to use face protection, googles, safety shoes, gloves, hard hats, ear protection and other types of protective equipment appropriate to their tasks. Employers also need to develop policies to ensure that employees always use their gear every time they do a job.
  • Keep the work environment clean and functional. Letting basic housekeeping chores go can create an unsafe work environment that leads to things like trips, slips and falls. Even chemical spills and fires can result when the worksite is not properly maintained. Employees should be told to either fix hazards or to report them immediately when there is something they cannot correct. The work environment should also be designed with an eye towards effective maintenance, sufficient storage, detailed aisle markings and a layout that makes sense for the jobs that need to be done.

These are just some of the many different steps that employers should consider taking this year to try to reduce the number of work accidents that occur. Improving worker safety is a goal that employers and employees should share and work together towards throughout 2015.

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