SC OSHA Investigating Plant Explosion

In the event of a workplace accident, including an injury or fatality of an employee, it is likely that there will be both an internal investigation as well as an OSHA investigation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for ensuring that employers maintain safe working conditions. If an investigation reveals regulatory violations, OSHA also has the authority to fine the responsible entity or entities. South Carolina OSHA is going to be investigating an explosion that injured three workers at an Edgefield plant.


According to reports, two employees are in critical condition as a result of the explosion.
Workplace accidents should be investigated by OSHA as well as an independent advocate who can help to preserve evidence and protect the rights of workers. Our Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to increase workplace safety. Our team will also investigate any workplace accident to identify misconduct, regulatory violations, or wrongdoing. In addition to helping victims recover compensation, we are also prepared to take on third-party claims against all responsible individuals or entities.

There were a total of three employees injured in the explosion, one of whom has been released from the hospital since the accident. The agency will be seeking to uncover any OSHA violations that may have contributed to the explosion at the TranTech Radiator Products plant. According to a spokesperson from the South Carolina Department of Labor, OSHA investigations usually involve and inspection of the property, interviews, and a thorough review of internal policies. The entire inspection will likely take around 8 weeks.

Since the explosion, the plant shut down and has no plans of reopening until inspectors say that the site is safe. The Trantech president claims that safety is a priority and that securing the premises will trump any production. The business plans to comply with the government inspection and to work collaboratively to investigate the cause of the accident. Understanding the cause of the accident will also allow the company to take preventative and corrective action to prevent future injuries. The President has no plans to reopen the plant until the management is confident in OSHA reports and its own internal investigation to deem the worksite safe for operation.

Individuals who suffer from workplace injuries may be entitled to significant compensation. While workers’ compensation will cover medical expenses and lost wages, it does not cover pain and suffering and other losses that may arise from a work-related injury. To maximize your compensation, you should consult with an experienced advocate who can explore your right to additional third-party claims.

Though the injury toll is less than initially expected after the explosion, two employees were injured severely. Reports indicated that one of the victims suffered severe burns on 50 percent of his body. The other employee has suffered severe burns on 30% of his body. The underlying causes of the explosion are still unknown, but initial inspections found a small fire which might have been caused by an exploding transformer. The company is still limiting the amount of information that it supplies to the media about the accident and explosion.

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