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The United States is often considered advanced in areas of employee rights. However, the U.S. is behind in the protections provided to temporary workers when compared to other countries.


Our Asheville worker’s compensation lawyers know that the temporary workers in the United States deserve better treatment and more beneficial employment laws.

Arecent articlecompared the fate of a temp worker in the United States with what might have happened in other countries with more favorable laws for temporary workers.

The 30 year old employee has been a temporary worker with the same company for six years. He is employed as a laborer who unloads shipping containers. Although the job is not easy or particularly lucrative, it pays the bills.

The employee works 40 hours every week for one of the biggest distribution companies in America. The goods that he moves on a daily basis will make their way onto the shelves at the most well-known retailers in the nation.

After working for the freight company for approximately 5 years, the employee was called into the break room. The reason: He had outlasted the temporary employment agency that hired him and was being transferred to a new contract.

If this particular temporary employee had been hired by an organization in Germany he would have been guaranteed working conditions and wages equivalent to those of his counterparts who worked directly for the company.

Had this temporary worker been hired in South Korea his company would only be allowed to keep in temporary status for two years. After two years the company would be required to hire him as a fulltime employee.

Temporary employment agencies in Chile are regulated more closely and will be shut down if they put their workers in harms way or do not pay the wages they are supposed to pay their employees.

Unfortunately for this temporary employee, he is employed in the United States of America which has some of the worst employment protections for temporary employees among countries in the developed world.

In the United States there are plenty of examples similar to this worker’s experience, even worse. In some cases an employee will remain in temporary status for 11 years and not be hired on fulltime.

In most cases a temp employee is assigned to complete work that no other employees wants to do within the organization – frequently the most dangerous types of work.

Research has shown that temporary workers are more likely to suffer an amputation on the job due to the consistent placement in more hazardous jobs.

In many countries, temporary worker laws have been reformed that restricts them from working the most hazardous jobs and mandates equal work and pay. These advances have not yet been made in the United States.

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