Young Workers Susceptible to injuries in the Carolinas

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young workers are at risk for serious injury in the workplace.


Our Asheville worker’s compensation lawyers know that the economic reality is many young people must work to help their families make ends meet, and still others are just entering the workforce to provide for themselves.

Our attorneys are aware that young workers under the age of 24 represent a significant part of the workforce but are sometimes less educated about proper safety procedures.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 13% of the workforce (or about 17.5 million workers) is made up of workers less than 24 years old.

Young workers are injured at high rates for many reasons. Typically young workers must work in more hazardous environments such as restaurant settings with knives, cooking equipment, and slippery floors.

Another contributing factor to the high rate of young person injury is the lack of experience among young workers. In addition, young workers may lack proper safety training.

For the youngest workers in the under 24-age group (those in middle and high school), psychosocial and biologic factors may contribute to an increased prevalence of injuries.

Physical limitations such as insufficient cognitive abilities and strength to operate large pieces of equipment such as farm tractors may play a role.

According to research, 359 employees in the under 24-age group died from work-related injuries. Of those, 27 young people under the age of 18 died as a result of work related injuries.

Statistics show that the rate of emergency room treated work related injuries was twice as high for younger workers (under 25 years of age).

Since many young workers may be employed by the restaurant industry the Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends safety procedures tailored to the restaurant industry.

In the restaurant industry young servers should avoid awkward lifting postures if they are carrying a lot of beverages, plates, or trays. Unsupported posture can increase the likelihood of injury.

When carrying items or plates a young worker should avoid carrying too many items at once. Workers should be aware that if they carry more than a few items they are placing unnecessary strain on their back and arms.

Young workers should use two hands to carry large items such as water jugs and coffee pots. As a general rule keeping your elbows close to your body will prevent unnecessary strain.

When filling up a cup or glass you should move it close to you instead of reaching in an awkward position with a heavy water jug or coffee pot.

In general a tray should be balanced on both your arm and your hand (not your fingertips) and your elbow should be kept against your body for extra support.

Finally, when moving large items such as tables and chairs you should always get assistance instead of attempting to move items alone.

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