Workplace Injuries a Common Threat in Carolinas

A recent preliminary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that there are 3.2 fatal work injuries per 100,000 full time workers (FTE).


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According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 4,383 workers died from injuries that occurred in the workplace in 2012. This is a preliminary number and the final 2012 data will be available in the late Spring of 2014.

According to the report work injuries that resulted in death increased by 5 percent in the construction industry. The 5 percent increase occurred despite the fact that total hours in the industry only increase by one percent in 2012.

The recent increase in fatal injuries for construction workers follows five consecutive years of decline fatal injuries.

Beginning in the year 2011 the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries has distinguished between workers who are contractors at the time of fatal incident and workers who are employees.

In 2012, there were 708 contractors who died as a result of fatal injuries which occurred on the job. Many of these workers were involved in either the transportation or construction industry.

The preliminary 2012 report also revealed that fatal injuries to employees 16 years of age or younger almost doubled. The new 2012 total is the highest total in this category since 2005.

Suicides that were classified as “work-related” fell in 2012 but violence in the workplace still accounted for about 17% of fatal injuries in the workplace.

Fatal injuries in the mining sector increased in 2012. Specifically, workers in the gas and oil industries. In the gas and oil extraction industries fatal work injuries increased by 23 percent – this resulted in a new record high for this category.

Transportation incidents accounted for about 40% of all fatal injuries during 2012. Of the 1,789 transportation related fatal work-related injuries almost 60 percent involved roadway incidents with motorized vehicles.

In 2012, 767 workers died as a result of violence in the workplace or other injuries resulting from animals or persons – including 225 suicides and 463 homicides.

Shootings were the most common manner of death in the case of suicides and homicides.
In 2012, falls, slips, or trips were responsible for the death of 668 workers.

In order to prevent workplace injuries it is important for an organization to keep the work places free of clutter. It is important to keep walkways clear and unobstructed to prevent fall injuries.

All walkways or cat walks should have handrails to prevent falling as well.

In order to prevent workplace violence an organization should be sure to have a reporting system in place when an employee feels a co-worker could present a danger.

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