Workers at Risk of Hearing Loss in Carolinas

According to research, there are more ways to prevent hearing loss.


Our Asheville worker’s compensation lawyers are devoted to informing the public that working in loud environments can severely damage hearing, with lasting consequences.

The study is important for anyone who works in a loud environment, such as on a construction site or in a factory. Loud concerts can also result in substantial hearing damage.

Using lab mice, scientists have discovered that mutations occur inside the ear’s cochlea. Specifically, inside the receptor for the ATP hormone. In humans, the cochlea is a small snail-shaped organ.

The cochlea uses very small sensory hairs that sense vibrations and then send electronic signals to the brain to be interpreted. When mice are exposed to very loud noises they are more susceptible to hearing damage that could be long-term.

There is a defense mechanism that protects humans from loud noises. The defense mechanism makes noises sound fuzzy or underwater after an individual has attended a loud concert or been exposed to loud noises in the workplace.

Research indicate that the potential for hearing loss does not disappear after a few days. Even if your hearing has returned to normal, it does not mean the ears are healthy again.

Studies have also shown that cumulative and subtle permanent hearing loss will occur after a recovery.

In addition, research suggests that it is overly simplistic to look at hearing loss as a continuum where when the sound gets louder it reaches a point where it becomes permanent.

In reality, there are two separate processes occurring.

The research on hearing loss is aimed at eventually developing drugs to prevent hearing loss in individuals who are constantly exposed to loud noises – such as construction workers and factory employees.

There are many ways to prevent hearing loss, including:

1. Avoiding excessive noise – you can tell when noises around you are too loud if you have to shout over them to be heard. If a nearby power tool, music player, or motorcycles are all loud enough to cause hearing damage over time.
2. Be a Quiet Enforcer – It is a good idea to turn down the ambient noise level around you. You should purchase devices that have lower noise ratings. If you at an establishment you frequent on a regular basis and the noise level is too loud you may ask the manager to turn down music or movie theater sounds to protect your hearing.
3. Wear Hearing Protection – If you must be in an area where you are exposed to loud noises you should prepare by wearing protection. Earplugs are a good choice and are usually made of soft foam or rubber. Earplugs can be custom made to fit an individual or purchased off the shelf.

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