NC Work Site Safety for Small Businesses

Workplace safety is important for small business owners as well as employees. Whether you are a shop owner, restaurant owner, or managing a company, it is important to keep in mind your obligations and potential liabilities as an employer. OSHA has provided a number of tips for employers to ensure workplace safety. Employees of small businesses should also be aware of potential dangers lurking in the workplace.


Employers are responsible for establishing a safe and healthy working environment. Workers must also pay attention to risks to prevent injuries. Our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to providing strategic counsel and support to protect workers and promote workplace safety. We are also committed to helping small businesses throughout the community maintain safe working environments.

There are a number of ways that small businesses can improve workplace safety. Small business owners can partnership with local government agencies and safety organizations to ensure compliance. Understanding ordinances and OSHA regulations will ensure that small businesses are acting in accordance with the law and keeping employees safe. Smart business owners know that keeping a healthy work environment is not only the law, it can also improve productivity. Remember that as a business owner, an accident or injury can be extremely costly. Employers can also reduce workers’ compensation expenses and prevent lost workdays by being prepared. Here are a few tips to improve worker safety.

Create a compliance program. Employers have a duty to comply with OSHA regulations to prevent injury and illness on the job. Being organized and creating a systematic plan is critical. As a business owner with unique needs and objectives, you can develop a plan that fits your operations. According to OSHA, a compliance program should have management leadership, employee participation, workplace analysis, training, hazard prevention, and evaluations.

Make check-ins regular. You should always be up-to-date on the current environment of your workplace. Regular meetings and employee check-ins can ensure that rules are being followed for overall health and well-being. All employees should be active in participating and maintaining a safe work environment. Checking in with your employees also demonstrates your active commitment to safety and well-being.

Perform a worksite analysis. All working conditions should be reviewed and analyzed. Any dangers or hazards should be identified and eliminated. Again, worksite inspections should be performed on a regular and ongoing basis. Small business owners can also request a free OSHA consultation.

Ensure proper training. Proper training from the outset is critical to preventing accidents and injuries. Employees should understand the potential dangers of the working environment, know how to use equipment, and have a solid grasp of workplace hazards. Only authorized personnel should perform unsafe jobs. Employees should also understand their role in the event of an emergency and should report any dangerous conditions to supervisors.

While employers have a duty to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, employees may find themselves at risk. Remember that if you were injured in a workplace accident, you have a duty to collect workers’ compensation. Victims of workplace injury do not have to prove fault and may have even been negligently involved in the accident. Workers’ compensation claims should be filed as soon as possible and victims of workplace injury should seek appropriate and ongoing medical treatment.

If you or someone you love was injured on the job, contact our Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys today by calling 800-887-1965.

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