Eye Injuries and North Carolina Work Accidents

Eye injuries are responsible for partial loss of vision and partial blindness throughout the United States, according to a report by Optometry Times.


Our Asheville worker’s compensation lawyers are fully aware of how terrible an eye injury can be and are committed to discussing ways to prevent eye injuries from occurring.

In the United States over 2.5 million eye injuries occur annually. These injuries lead to approximately 50,000 people losing all or part of their vision on a yearly basis.

A report from Prevent Blindness America estimates that the annual costs of eye injuries is over 1.3 billion yearly.

In an effort to combat the costly and painful eye injuries that so many American suffer on a yearly basis, Prevent Blindness America dedicated the month of October to educating the public on how to prevent common eye injuries.

The Department of Labor estimates that 70 percent of eye injuries occur from falling or flying objects or sparks hitting the eye.

When asked, injured employees estimated that almost 60 percent of the objects that caused injury were smaller than a pinhead. Workers also estimated that the small particles were often traveling faster than an object would travel if hand-thrown.

About 20 percent of eye injuries were caused by contact with chemicals. Other eye injuries were caused by an object swinging from an attached or fixed position such as tools, chains, ropes, and tree limbs.

Eye injuries occur most often during industrial equipment operation and craft work but a potential for eye injury can be found in many other industries.

About two-fifth of all injuries reported occurred among employees who work in craft industries such as: plumbers, carpenters, repairers, and mechanics.

Eye injuries can be effectively prevented in rather cheap and simple ways. First, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration always recommends workers wear the proper eye protection.

Although wearing eye protection seems like a simple solution the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that approximately 94% of eye injuries which occurred to individuals wearing eye protection resulted from chemicals or objects going around or under the eye wear.

During activities such as welding many workers may rely solely on the face shield on their helmet. This can be a serious mistake since dedicated eye protection combined with the face shield would offer significantly more effective eye hazard protection.

A big part of prevention is education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey showed that most workers who experienced eye injuries were not even aware that eye protection was required to do their job.

Although research suggests that most employers had eye protection freely available, 40% of the employees did not receive information on what kind of eye wear should be utilized and where the eye wear was located.

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