Equipment Accident Leads to Factory Worker Death

According to a Fox Carolina news report, a North Carolina man died after his picker lift collided with another piece of equipment in the plant.

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Our Charlotte worker’s compensation attorneys are committed to raising awareness about the common causes of workplace fatalities.

According to the Fox Carolina news report the 24-year-old male worker fell 30 feet to his death around 8:50 pm. The accident involved a collision of two pieces of equipment.

The worker was operating a machine known as a picker lifter. This is a particular type of vehicle which is similar to a forklift. The main difference is that in a picker lifter the operator is lifted up along with the forklift portion instead of remaining on the ground.

A recent report for the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed accidents involving equipment and objects in the workplace were the third leading cause of workplace fatalities in the United States.

Since this incident involved the worker falling from 30 feet immediately after his vehicle collided with another it may be possible to classify this accident under the fall, slip, trip category designated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Slip and fall accidents are a significant source of workplace fatalities.

The other leading causes of fatal injury in the workplace include transportation incidents and workplace violence.

It is important to remember that all the data is not in yet and numbers will continue to rise. For example, this most recent accident is not reflected in the preliminary numbers.

Another common source of workplace injury involves fires and explosions. These types of events claim many lives every year and can often be prevented if a few safety guidelines are followed. recommends various guidelines to help prevent fires and explosions and keep workers safe. First every employee must realize that preventing fires is everyone’s responsibility and everyone should be alert to possible causes.

All workers should practice good housekeeping and not allow clutter to build up in the workplace. Clutter can contribute to fires by providing fuel for the the fire and preventing employees from accessing emergency equipment and exits.

All machinery should be maintained to prevent friction sparks and overheating. Workers should also take precautions to store chemicals safely to prevent flammable materials from igniting.

Fire safety devices such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers and emergency exits should never be blocked or disabled.

Emergency phone numbers and the company’s address should be posted next to the telephone for quick access if an emergency occurs.

Finally, ( recommends that businesses maintain free access to all electrical control panels
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