Workers Beware of Firework Hazards This 4th of July

Any worker who has contact with fireworks or pyrotechnics are at a high risk of injury. This Fourth of July season, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is warning workers and employers in the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry to follow safety protocols and to take extra precautions to avoid serious injury and accidental death. These dangers extend to all workers who are involved with manufacturing, storage, transport, display, sale and ignition for private or public events.

Every 4th of July, Americans gather to celebrate the independence of the United States. Barbecues, boat outings, and fireworks mark the occasion. In the excitement of festivities, the danger of working with explosives is often forgotten. All workers who come into contact with fireworks should be wary of the risks that they face. Our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in helping victims of explosions and other accidents collect compensation after an accident.


OSHA authorities are urging workers and their employers to remember safety when handling pyrotechnics. Though every handler should always take necessary precautions, employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe on the job. Employers are charged with making provisions and creating protocols to keep workers safe. From storage to transport and finally ignition, employers are responsible for taking necessary steps to prevent workers from injury or death.

According to OSHA records, three workers suffered serious burns at pyrotechnic factor in March. Since the accident, the company has been fined $117,000 in safety violations. These violations were related to explosive hazards and failed safety precautions.

The federal agency, OSHA, is responsible for investigating workplace conditions and to ensure the health and safety of workers nationwide. In the event that an employer fails to comply with regulations and standards, it can be fined and held liable in the event of an accident or injuries. Regarding pyrotechnics, OSHA has creative a directive, known as the Compliance Policy for Storage, Sale, Handling, use and Display of Pyrotechnics. The OSHA standard is intended to provide inspection guidance and safety requirements that apply to facilities and operations involving fireworks.

OSHA offers information on the pyrotechnics industry and helps businesses create a safe work environment for employees. This involves the storage, transport and creation of fireworks displays. There are a number of common hazards associated with fireworks and solutions that can help to prevent accidents and injuries. Victims of fireworks accidents could suffer burns, scarring, tissue damage, loss of vision, loss of hearing, or loss of limb. In the most severe cases, a worker could lose his or her life in a fireworks accident.

Workers who suffer an occupational injury are entitled to compensation without having to prove liability. A workers’ compensation claim entitles an employee to health care and lost wages. Any victim of a workplace accident may also able to bring third-party claims against additional parties, including negligent individuals or entities responsible for the accident. Any worker who has been injured in a firework accident should consult with an experienced advocate to initiate an investigation. Manufacturers and property owners may also be liable for an explosion, burn or other firework malfunction.

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