Lack of Training and Supervision Leaves Victim Permanently Injured

There are a number of ways that workers can be injured on the job: slip and fall, dangerous tools, falls from scaffolding, explosions and burns, toxic exposure, and other accidents. These accidents are foreseeable when a worker is improperly trained or does not have the proper equipment or assistance to complete a job.

In a recent case, a South Carolina worker has filed for workers’ compensation after being caught in a water hose and dragged onto a conveyor belt. In addition to filing for workers’ compensation benefits, the worker is also suing the mining company and contractors for injuries he sustained while on the job.

In the event of a workplace injury, victims should seek immediate medical attention and consult with an advocate who can assist with the workers’ compensation filing process. Filing claims as soon as possible can ensure that injuries are properly documented and that paperwork is completed in a timely manner. Our Charleston workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to helping victims and their families collect the full compensation they deserve after an accident or injury.

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According to reports, the worker was given a mining assignment but was not provided with an experienced miner or a supervisor who could spray off the belt structure with a hose. The complaint alleges that the water hose got caught behind him in his belt and he was pulled on to the conveyor belt. The miner was wrapped in the hose and hoisted onto the conveyor belt, pulling his right arm into the roller and the belt.

In this case, there was no experienced miner or supervisor assisting the victim, who was not trained to perform the work assigned to him. An experienced miner or supervisor is required, according to safety regulations. According to the lawsuit, the victims’ injuries were sustained as a direct result of the mining and contracting companies errors in forcing him to perform the work without assistance and without proper training.

The victim of this work-related accident suffered serious injuries, including a crushed forearm and upper arm, burns, nerve injury, lumbar facet syndrome, scarring, and significant loss of function. He is also suffering from pain, numbness, weakness and a limitation of movement. Because of these injuries, he has also suffered a permanent loss of earning capacity. When a victim suffers permanent injuries and is no longer able to continue working, third-party claims may be a viable option to recover additional financial losses.

Workers compensation claims are usually limited to medical expenses and lost wages; however, a worker can collect additional financial damages if a third-party is found negligent for injuries. In this case, the injured working is seeking additional compensation due to the negligence of the mining company and third-party contractor. Workers’ compensation claims involving serious injuries can be complicated, especially when involving third-party claims. Victims should consult with an advocate as soon as possible and document all injuries, medical treatment, therapeutic care, as well as other losses related to the injury.

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