Acupuncture May Provide Relief for Workers With Chronic Pain

Workers who have been injured in an accident or who suffer from repetitive stress may be vulnerable to chronic pain. In addition to medication, rehabilitation and other therapies, new studies indicate that acupuncture could be beneficial to workers with mild to severe pain in limbs, joints, muscles or in the head and neck.

Chronic pain can be debilitating and leave victims unable to work or manage day-to-day tasks. Our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in the complex nature of chronic pain and work to help our clients recover financial support after an injury. We are also committed to staying abreast of treatment options to help workers and families cope with the stress of injury and pain.


While many people have attested to the benefits of acupuncture in treating pain, new evidence suggests that acupuncture can relieve back pain and headaches. In a study recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that acupuncture is more effective that other treatments in reducing chronic pain.

The study compared the use of placebo needles in a “fake” acupuncture treatment, with legitimate acupuncture pressure points. Researchers reviewed responses from nearly 20,000 participants and found that pain had been reduced in patients that received legitimate acupuncture treatment. They also reviewed previous studies that came to opposite conclusions. The authors assert with confidence that acupuncture can conclusively assist with pain management.

After a work-related injury, it is important to file a claim and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Consulting with a workers’ compensation advocate can also ensure that your claim is properly filed and that injuries are properly documented. If you suffer from pain, you should continue to seek medical treatment and have your procedures documented by a professional. Filing an accurate and timely claim can ensure that you receive the compensation you need and deserve after a work-related accident or repetitive stress injury.

Acupuncture studies indicate that workers and other victims of chronic pain can benefit from the ancient Chinese medicine practice. Using new studies and combining results with a review of older data also provided evidence that acupuncture is beneficial in reducing chronic pain. The team of researchers proved that acupuncture substantially relieved chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders of participants in the study. Additionally, acupuncture reduced pain related to osteoarthritis.

Participants rated their pain on a scale of 0-100 and the pain ratings fell from 60 to 30, on average, after having acupuncture treatment. Ratings remained around 43 for those who had standard care and no acupuncture treatment. Researchers believed that the findings were so significant that they could not be simply a “placebo effect.”

For those who are not familiar, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy which focuses on the concept of maintaining balance and a flow between points of the body. It has been found to cure chronic illnesses, headaches, cramps as well as sleep disorders and depression. The treatment involves the insertion of needles at designated points on the body to unblock a flow of “chi” and other elements. The practice is centuries old and becoming more common in Western cultures.

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