Workers’ Memorial Day a Reminder of Job Safety

Though changes in regulation over time have increased worker safety, U.S. workers continue to suffer from work-related accidents and injuries. In the most severe cases, these accidents can result in permanent injury or death. Every year, the victims of workplace accidents and injuries are remembered on April 28, Workers’ Memorial Day. The event was established in 1971, the same year that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) was established to regulate and monitor safety conditions for workers.

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Raising workplace safety awareness is critical to preventing future injury and death. Since the establishment of OSHA, companies and other workers have taken preventative measures to ensure compliance. OSHA has broad powers to make safety regulations and to fine corporations that do not meet safety standards. Equipment maintenance, emergency protocols, training, and ensuring a safe work environment can prevent serious accidents and injuries. OSHA also has the power to fine companies that are not in compliance upon inspection.

This April 28th, companies, workers, and their families will come together to commemorate workers who have lost their lives on the job. Factory workers, construction workers, farmers, roadside assistance crews, fisherman, and others in dangerous industries are at the highest risk of accidental death. April 28th is also a day to bring awareness to the cause of workplace safety and to recommit to the fight for safe and healthy working conditions. This means preventing accidental death, as well as work-related illness or injury.

OSHA’s role is to ensure that conditions for America’s workers are safe by setting standards, establishing regulations, providing training, education, and support for companies and employees. In the event of a building collapse, fire, explosion, or other workplace accident, OSHA is the agency that will investigate the incident to determine whether the accident was preventable. In the event that a company was in violation of a regulation, that evidence can be used in a negligence case.Negligence, however, is not required for an employee to receive workers’ compensation benefits, which are available to injured workers regardless of fault.

Families of employees or contractors who lose their lives while in the course of performing work-related duties may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. Immediately after an accident it is important to file a claim and that an independent investigation be performed to determine the cause of the accident and to identify responsible individuals or agencies. Our firm is experienced with handling complex death and work-related accidents and can effectively protect your rights. In addition to helping families collect workers’ compensation benefits, we will also explore the possibility of third-party claims against negligent property owners, maintenance companies, equipment manufacturers and all other individuals or entities.

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