New Hires and Work Accidents in the Carolinas

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases information on economic data periodically in order to provide details about the state of the economy and labor market. On Friday March 22, 2013, BLS released their Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Summary. The summary took a look at the unemployment rates in January of 2013 in major metropolitan areas to see if more workers were being hired and if more employers were hiring.431162_seri_ilan.jpg

According to the BLS data, unemployment rates were down in January of 2013 when compared with a year earlier. With lowering unemployment rates and more employers hiring, this is good news for employees who want to get back to work. However, our
Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorneys know that new employees may be at greater risk of getting hurt in a workplace accident than established workers. As such, as companies step up their hiring and as more workers find jobs, it is important to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Safety Should be a Prime Focus as Hiring Increases

According to the BLS data, unemployment rates were lower in 227 of the 372 metropolitan areas throughout the United States in January of 2013 as compared with unemployment rates a year ago. In another 21 metropolitan areas, unemployment rate were unchanged, and rates went up only in 124 cities throughout the U.S.

BLS also indicates that 306 metropolitan areas had over-the-year increases in non farm payroll while only 57 areas experienced a decrease. This, too, is positive news since it means there are more people working who are on the payroll.

The news from BLS points to signs of improved growth in what has been a troubling job market. This is great news for workers as long as the jobs that they are getting are good ones and as long as employers are placing emphasis on making sure that the new hires assimilate into the workplace without injury.

When an employer brings a new employee on to join the workforce, the employer should do a few key things in order to ensure that everyone is safe. The employer should:

  • Ensure all new workers have sufficient training on their work duties. This is important even if a worker has done a similar job before. The office environment, the machines used and the workplace rules may differ from past jobs and employers need to know that employees are aware of what they are doing.
  • Supervise or mandate supervision of the new employees until it is clear they won’t be a safety risk. Many people experienced long-term unemployment as a result of the persistent downturn in the U.S. economy over recent years. This means even the most experienced new employee could potentially be out-of-practice. It is important to make sure that the employee’s abilities and skills are up-to-par so the employee doesn’t hurt himself or others.

Obviously, there is a steeper learning curve in certain professions as compared to others, and there are some jobs that are more dangerous and require more training of new employees. Every employer, however, should ensure that all new workers are aware of worker safety policies and are properly trained in how to perform work in a safe manner.

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