North Carolina Worker Killed – Multiple Safety Violations Noted

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Labor are scrutinizing a manufacturing plant in Lincolnton after an employee was killed after an on-the-job accident. Officials with the Occupational Safety and health Administration (OSHA) say that the plant violated a number of safety standard on multiple occasions over the last 4 years.
According to the Lincoln Times-News, there have been six non-serious violations and a serious violation handed over to the plant since 2008. RSI Home Products’ plant #2, where these violations were noted, is the same place where the recent fatal accident happened. Accident reports say that the man caught himself while he was working on one of the angular saws. He suffered serious injuries on site and later died in the hospital. The plant produces cabinets.

Our Charlotte workers’ compensation attorneys understand that officials and inspectors are again investigating the site. They’re talking with workers, those who may have witnessed the accident as well as management personnel. We know that RSI was not forced to pay any of the fines or penalties from any of the 2008 violations. The only thing RSI had to dish out was a $600 fee for neglecting to mark permanent passages and aisles inside of the facility.

In addition to these violations, the company may have never even known the employee who was killed. Detectives discovered that the man was working at the plant under a fake name for the four years he was employed there.

OSHA officials are once again investigating this plant. This could take up to six months. Officials are going to try to figure out what exactly happened to cause this accident and to see if that cause relates to one of its previous violations. Officials will also work with the company to make sure that the proper changes are made to help ensure that this will never happen again. Unfortunately, these conditions already took a human life.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were close to 150 workers killed in the state of North Carolina in 2011. That’s far too many! Unfortunately, that’s a number that jumped by nearly 10 percent from the year before. What’s even worse is that the number of on-the-job fatalities nationwide decreased during this same time.

In the state of North Carolina, more than 50 work fatalities resulted from transportation accidents, close to 30 from violence and other injuries by persons or animals and another 30 were the result of falls, slips and trips. Together these three major categories accounted for close to 75 percent of all fatal work accidents.

Within the construction industry, workplace fatalities ranked the sector as the second most dangerous of all workplaces. There were more than 30 people killed in the construction industry sector, up 5 from the previous year. Falls, slips, and trips accounted for close to 15 of the employee fatalities, while close to 10 of them were the result of exposure to harmful environments or substances.

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