Backover Accidents — A Work Site Risk in the Carolinas

Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are meeting to discuss preventative measures regarding vehicle backover accidents. They’re going to be discussing the risks associated through various industries and are meeting to talk about new technology and ways that can help to reduce the risks of these accidents.
Officials with OSHA first put a Request for Information on these kinds of accidents in the Federal Register back in March of last year. OSHA has already received a number of responses from people, companies and organizations on how employees are being injured in these kinds of accidents and what measures can be taken to help to prevent them. The stakeholder meeting is going to help to provide companies, employers, employees and various safety professionals with an open opportunity to talk with OSHA about these risks.

Our Greensboro workers’ compensation attorneys understand that there were 70 employee deaths reported to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as a result of backover accidents in 2010. These kinds of accidents most commonly occur when someone is kneeling, standing or walking behind a vehicle on the job.

One of the first things you can do to help to prevent these kinds of accidents is to know how they happen. They can occur because of a number of on-the-job factors. For example, excessive noise, riding on the outside of a vehicle and even lingering in blind spots can cause these accidents.

When backing up a large work vehicle, drivers should always have a spotter. What a spotter does is stand on the outside of the vehicle, near the back of it, and helps to direct the driver on where it is safe to reverse.

Another way that we can help to reduce these incidents is to get more backup cameras into more vehicles. With these kinds of cameras, drivers are presented with a clear view of what’s behind them. They can see objects, people and whatever might be behind their vehicle.

Employers are also asked to map out their work sites. Better planned out work sites also reduce the risks for these kinds of accidents. Don’t allow vehicles to park where there is high on-foot traffic or where there are materials lying around.

Make sure that all on-foot workers are wearing bright and reflective vests. This is going to help them to stand out more to driving employees.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that all driving employees are properly trained. Make sure that they’re aware of their blind spots and of ways to ensure that they’re clear before stepping on the gas. If a driver doesn’t know where their blind spots are then they’re more likely to get into one of these accidents.

These kinds of accidents are common on construction sites. It’s important for all employers and employees to make sure everyone is aware of the risks for these kinds of accident. Assure a safe work site today!

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