North Carolina Construction Workers & Nail Gun Safety

Nail Guns. We’ve all seen them and many of us have even used them. They’re common on construction sites, especially in residential building. They’re highly efficient and they can help to get the work done quickly. Unfortunately, they also cause tens of thousands of serious injuries each and every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Our Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorneys understand that a four-year study by the CDC showed that two out of every five residential carpenters will experience a nail gun injury. What’s even worse is that one out of every five workers is injured twice and ten percent were even injured three times! When workers are dealing with multi-shot triggers — the risks double. Luckily, safety officials are here to offer workers and employers some simple tips to help to avoid these kinds of injuries. These steps include using full sequential nail guns, providing adequate training for all workers, establishing work procedures, encouraging accurate reporting and discussions regarding these instances and providing the proper first-aid attention to injuries.

About half of all of the reported injuries from nail guns are injuries to the fingers and the hand. A quarter of all of these injuries wind up causing structural damage to bones, tendons, nerves and joints. After the hands, the most common injuries are to the knee, the thigh, the leg, the toes and the foot. Some are even so serious that they’ve resulted in bone fractures, blindness, paralysis, brain damage and even death.

Steps to Nail Gun Safety:

-Make sure that all nail guns have full sequential trigger nailers for placement work with lumber, This will help to get your hands out of the way and prevent injuries.

-Don’t allow inexperienced workers to deal with nail guns. Leave this work to the more experienced employees.

-Be sure that all employees are provided with the proper training to use these devices.

-Establish nail gun work procedures.

-Manufacturers’ labels should be left of products for needed warnings.

-Make all tool manuals available on the work site.

-Check the power source before beginning operations.

-Never shoot toward the body. Always keep the gun faced away from you.

-Check all surfaces before nailing.

-Recognize the dangers of using these nail guns at heights. When doing so, allow extra time and precautions.

-Never bypass a nail gun’s safety features.

-Never use a nail gun with your non-dominant hand.

-Wear the proper safety equipment at all times, including a hard hat, eye protection and hearing protection.

-Be sure that every piece of equipment is inspected before every job and before every use.

-All workers should be trained in the procedures to complete when a nail gun malfunctions as well.

-Always disconnect air compressor when a nail gun is not being used.

-Don’t keep your finger on the trigger. Only apply pressure when ready to nail!

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