Avoiding Holiday Workplace Accidents in the Carolinas

The holidays are a time when people should be celebrating and enjoying time with friends and family. Unfortunately, there are many factors that make holidays a risky time for workers. The risks of accidents and injuries over the holiday season affect many workers in different industries and professions and all workers and employers need to be aware of the dangers and take steps to stay safe.

Our Raleigh workers’ compensation attorneys want to stress the importance of being vigilant about workplace dangers over the holiday season. By taking extra precautions and being aware of extra risks within your industry, you will have the best chance of avoiding tragedy and getting everyone through the holiday season without harm. 1373958_snowy_christmas_tree.jpg

Avoiding Holiday Workplace Accident Risks

The different types of holiday workplace accident risks are going to vary depending upon the different fields in which individuals are employed. However, everyone can benefit from a few tips to avoid holiday accident risks. These tips include:

  • Being aware of the increased risk of car accident. Those who have to drive for work, whether as a routine part of the job or for occasional office errands, should be aware that auto accident dangers increase from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through until January 2. Workers during this time need to be extra careful to practice safe driving to minimize the increased risk of auto accidents that occur over the holidays.
  • Ensuring that appropriate crowd control measures are in place. This is a big issue in retail establishments especially. Shoppers tend to flood the stores on Black Friday, Christmas Eve and other key holiday shopping days during the festive season. Employers need to be aware of what days are likely to lead to an influx in customers and need to have crowd control measures in place to protect employees.
  • Accounting for challenging weather conditions. Winter weather affects not just outdoor workers but also indoor workers as well. Snow and ice can be tracked into office buildings, increasing the chances that a worker might slip and fall.
  • Keeping decorations to a minimum and making sure that any decorations are displayed safely. The more cluttered a workplace is with decorations, such as strings of holiday lights, the greater the chance of a worker tripping and falling or otherwise becoming injured. Holiday lights or holiday trees could also increase the chance of a workplace fire.
  • Taking threats of violence seriously. In many tragic cases, people who are dealing with mental challenges will become more violent over the holiday season. If employees, ex-employees or customers might be prone to violent behavior, employers should be watchful of warning signs and take steps to protect workers from workplace violence.

By following these tips and taking the threat of work injuries seriously over the holidays, employers and workers can hopefully help to prevent tragic work accidents from occurring.

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