South Carolina Worker Electrocuted in Utility Accident

Officials in South Carolina are looking into the death of a North Carolina resident who was killed in a recent utility accident. According to ABC 11 News, the 47-year-old worker was working on an electrical box in a Union County community when the accident happened. According to John Fallaw, Deputy Coroner, the worker was unresponsive when emergency response teams arrived on scene.

Officials have not reported if the victim was employed by the company that provides services to the area or if he was a subcontractor.
Our Rock Hill workers’ compensation lawyers understand that electrical currents pose some serious risks to workers. These risks aren’t confined to any specific industry either. Workers in all fields can be injured in an electrocution, or similar accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), practically everyone in every industry is exposed to electrical energy some time during their work day. That makes us all vulnerable to the danger of electrocution.

The Four Top Kinds of Electrical Injuries:

-Electrical Shock
-Falls caused as a result of contact with electrical energy.

Some of the most common ways that electrical shock injuries happen include faulty wiring, overloaded sockets, poorly maintained electrical equipment and water penetration to electrical sources. Many times, workers who drill into walls or dig into grounds are at serious risks for these kinds of accidents because they run a high risk of hitting hidden electrical cables. Accidents and injuries from these types of electric shocks can be serious and even deadly.

Each year, there are more than 400 electrical accident fatalities that happen in the U.S. There are thousands more who are injured in these kinds of accidents. Employees who are injured on the job are typically compensated for their injuries and for time away from work through their company’s workers’ compensation insurance. It’s important to contact an experienced attorney if you’ve been injured in one of these accidents to make sure that your employer’s policy provides sufficient coverage for the accident and for the damages sustained.

Depending on the voltage that’s involved in the accident, the injury and the result of an accident can differ greatly. Burns are one of the most common results of typical shock injuries. Burns are more common when higher voltages are involved.

Shocks can result in serious muscle spasms. These kinds of injuries can be so serious that they can result in dislocated joints and even broken bones.

After suffering a shock, you can even be thrown backwards and suffer a fall accident. This is even worse when a person suffers a shock when they’re working at a height, above a lower level.

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