Grants Aim to Prevent On-the-Job Injuries in North Carolina

Recently, close to $11 million was awarded to more than 70 nonprofit organizations through the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. The grants were offered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and were awarded to a number of colleges, universities, management associations, employer associations, community- and faith-groups and joint labor associations.
North Carolina was fortunate enough to get some of these funds, too! Telamon Corp. is getting more than $121,000, National Council for Occupational Safety and Health is getting more than $643,000 and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is getting Training and Educational Materials that are worth about $50,000
Our Asheville workers’ compensation lawyers understand that these funds are to help employers to get a handle on work place hazards and to help keep workers safe. The funds are going to help to provide training for employees and help everyone on the work site prevent health and safety dangers. Lastly, these funds are working to help to educate workers about their responsibilities, as well as their rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The funding will be targeting those who work with small businesses and low-literacy, as well as underserved employees who are in high-hazard industries. Since the late ’70s, close to 2 million employees have been trained through this program.

This year’s award categories:

-Training and Educational Materials Development
-Targeted Topic Training
-Capacity Building Developmental
“The Department of Labor is committed to ensuring that workers and employers are provided education and training on identifying and preventing serious workplace hazards.,” said Hilda L. Solis, Secretary of Labor.

There have been close to 20 new organizations marked to receive more than $1.5 million in grant funding for the year.

OSHA officials have also handed over close to $800,000 in grants for new Capacity Building Developmental grants. Those grants go to seven organizations that have conducted activities in the past to make sure that all workers are properly trained.

Dr. David Michaels wit the Occupational Safety and Health says the grants are going to help to provide thousands of workers with the safety and health training that they need to do their jobs safely. These programs help to offer hands-on training that is going to have lasting benefits to employees and their employers.

The program is named after Susan Harwood. She was the director of the Office of Risk Assessment in OSHA’s former Directorate of Health Standards.

Funds like this are necessary to help to keep everyone safe on the job. It is federally required of all employers to provide safe working conditions for everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and it can be the result of any number of factors. Sometimes employers simply don’t take the time to make the moves to increase work safety. Other times, employers are completely ignorant of on-the-job work hazards. And, in still other cases, cost-cutting is to blame for the dangerous working conditions that result in a serious or fatal accident.

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