Does Your Employer Offer Workers’ Compensation?

Agencies in the state of North Carolina aren’t doing a good job communicating to one another when companies aren’t following the law. Many employers throughout the state don’t offer workers’ compensation insurance for their employees or they just neglect to pay withholding taxes for workers, according to
The Industrial Commission and departments of revenue and labor say that they don’t have enough time to put in the work needed to monitor compliance because they don’t have enough resources. This is only hurting workers throughout the state, especially those who are hurt on the job.

Our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers understand that the Department of Labor isn’t even looking for any kind of proof for this kind of coverage when they do work site inspections. According to the most recent look into the problem, there were at least 30,000 companies that did not carry the workers’ compensation insurance required by law. If there’s no workers’ compensation, who’s going to cover your losses and compensate you if you’re injured on the job?

The Industrial Commission is in charge of handling workers’ compensation claims. Officials say they are working on creating a new compliance system to handle companies that do not insure employees. Of course, this only comes after a media examination exposed the lapses in the agency’s inspection program.

Pam Young, Chairwoman of the Commission, says that it’s not their job to tell another agency when they locate a cheating employer.

“Whether or not that business is competing fairly or unfairly, we don’t get into that debate because that’s not our charge,” said Young.

Just a little more effort could make a world of difference. According to a recent inspection into workers’ compensation policies in 2011, there were about 300 companies out of the nearly 5,000 companies inspected that didn’t have any coverage.

The Labor Department continues to point fingers, saying that it’s not their job to make sure employers are insuring their workers.

Young notes here is a new computer system in the works which could help, although it won’t be up and running by 2015.

What do we do until then? Continue to let companies neglect to cover their employees? When it all boils down, companies are required to make sure that all workers are covered with workers’ compensation. This is an insurance policy that helps to ensure that you’re taken care of should you get injured on the job. At least two state bureaucracies exist, in whole or in part, to monitor compliance.

Legislators in North Carolina say that they occasionally look into ways for these agencies to better communicate with one another, but these talks haven’t made it very far, as there is still no effective system is place.

The governor should hold the heads of both agencies accountable.

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