Working From Home: Work Accidents Likely without Preparation

Our Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorneys recently discussed the dangers of workplace violence and other threats that American workers may overlook on the job. But what if you work at home? Believe it or not, there are a number of dangers that you can run into working there, too.
Increasingly, companies are allowing their workers to telecommute and entrepreneurs are running business from their homes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. Offices are standard in many homes today and they often are equipped with the latest computers, faxes, scanners, printers and other expensive equipment.

There are a number of safety precautions that you can take to help to protect yourself at home. Read the following and apply as many to your home office as you can. Doing so can help to reduce your risks of an accident and increase your at-home workplace safety. Risks can come from inside the home, like faulty and dangerous wiring, and outside the home from predators who might have an eye on your work equipment or other personal belongings.

At-Home Safety Tips:

-Make sure your windows and doors are secure. Install sturdy dead bolt locks. Use them!

-Hang window treatments to block the outside view into your office. You don’t want strangers seeing the equipment you have in your home.

-Motion-censor lighting will help to see if anyone is walking around your yard.

-Look over your insurance policy.

-If you’re meeting with a new client or another business person, meet in a public place.

-Make sure that all of your equipment is marked with identification numbers.

-Take pictures and store important info regarding your equipment in a safe spot.

-Always have a house phone or a cell phone nearby.

-Consider installing a home security system.

-Make sure that the trees and the bushes around your house are trimmed so that you can see your yard and your neighbor’s house.

-If you’re meeting with someone new, let someone you trust know about your meeting.

It’s also important to be careful when receiving and sending packages. Before opening your door for the “delivery man,” ask for identification. You never want to let this person into your home either. It’s simple, everyday tasks like this that can lead to serious work accidents. We don’t typically think about these risks because, well, we’re at home. You always need to keep safety as a number one priority. The truth of the matter is that these concerns need to be addressed frequently. Stay on top of the condition of your workplace. Review the tips listed above and share them with your friends to make sure that everyone is safe.

Just because you’re not at an actual work site, doesn’t mean your not at risk for an on-the-job injury.

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