Driving Employees Face High Risks of Work Accidents in Greenville and Elsewhere

Some of the most common work accidents in Greenville and elsewhere are transportation accidents. For many of us, driving is the most dangerous thing we’ll do all day. Every time we get behind the wheel, we’re at risks for a fatal accident, regardless of how safe our driving habits are.
Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are working to help to give employers some guidelines to help to reduce the risks of motor vehicle accidents on the job.

According to accident reports, someone is killed in a traffic accident every 12 minutes and someone is injured in these same incidents every 10 seconds. Every 5 seconds, there’s a traffic accident somewhere in the country. Many of these accidents happen during the workday or during the commute to and from work. Employers bear much of the costs for injuries that occur both on and off the job.

Why Employers Should Focus on Transportation Accidents:

-To help to protect workers and to reduce their risks of such serious accidents.

-To help to protect the company’s human and financial resources.

-To help to protect potential company and personal liabilities that are associated with accidents involving workers who driving on company time.

Each year, traffic accidents cost employers nearly $100 billion. These costs include medical care, legal expenses, property damage as well as productivity costs. These accidents drive up the costs of benefits, like workers’ compensation, private health and disability insurance as well as Social Security.

A single traffic accident costs an employer and average of about $17,000. When a worker has a work-related traffic accident with an injury, the cost to the employer shoots up to about $75,000. Costs can exceed $500,000 when a fatality is involved.

Employers are urged to create and enact on-the-job policies for their driving employees. These policies should include:

-Prohibiting the consumption of drugs or alcohol during work hours.

-Banning text message and cell phone use for employees behind the wheel.

-Limiting the number of consecutive hours that a worker can spend driving in a day.

-Making sure that all drivers are properly licensed for the vehicles they’re operating.

-Properly maintaining and inspecting work vehicles on a regular basis.

-Rewarding drivers with safe driving records and safe driving habits.

-Requiring all drivers to wear a seat belt during every trip.

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