Bill Signed to Help Ensure Workers’ Compensation Throughout NC

Gov. Bev Perdue recently signed a bill that will be used to help to track down and reprimand employers who don’t offer workers’ compensation to employees. According to Insurance Journal, media groups have voiced concerns, saying that employer information should be kept as a public record. A provision of this movement would call for the information sent by the Rate Bureau to the commission to remain private due to proprietary concerns.
The approval of House Bill 237, was the result of criticism of North Carolina’s loose efforts to help to enforce the current workers’ compensation law. Too many workers in the state were being injured on the job and weren’t being compensated. They were left to deal with the injury and the financial problems on their own because their employer failed to maintain state-required workers’ compensation insurance.

Our Asheville workers’ compensation attorneys understand that, under the new law, employers’ and company’s coverage status collected by the privately run non-profit North Carolina Rate Bureau is required to be shared with the state-run Industrial Commission. This Commission is used to help to ensure that employers have workers’ compensation coverage available to workers. The Commission adjudicates workers’ compensation claims.

The bill was sponsored by Nelson Dollar, R-Wake.

There were many articles ran by news sources recently which cited thousands of employers in the state who weren’t offering this coverage to their workers. Even though companies are required to let the Industrial Commission know when they get, renew or discontinue their workers’ compensation policies. Still, the Commission hardly ever gets word of it until a worker files a claim and it’s too late. After these cases, the Commission would investigate the company and the claim. When no coverage was identified, the companies were hardly ever penalized for disobeying the law.

Right now, workers can go to the Industrial Commission‘s website to see if their employer has workers’ compensation insurance.

If you don’t have access to an on-site health provider, your employer can instruct you to go to a designated health care office in case of a work accident. If appropriate to the seriousness of your injury, you’re to report to that facility.

If there is no employer health care provider on-site or designated off-site, you are to get the appropriate medical attention from elsewhere. Depending on your circumstances and the characteristics of the injury, you may be able to obtain medical attention from your family doctor or from an emergency room. You should also tell your selected healthcare provider that your injury is work related. Tell them where you work and other employer information so that the healthcare provider can bill treatment as a Workers’ Compensation claim.

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