Work-Accidents in Spartanburg and Elsewhere Targeted through Employee Wellness Campaign

Every month of every year should be dedicated to safety, but to help to really raise awareness about workers’ safety the National Safety Council (NSC) designates every June as National Safety Month.

During this time, officials with the NSC shine light on the importance of employee wellness, ergonomics, preventing slips, trips and falls and employee driving safety. Their main goal is to help to prevent the risks of unintentional injuries.
While the risks for work-related accidents in Spartanburg and elsewhere are high when employers and employees don’t work together to eliminate work-related hazards, the risks for an accident off the job are still relatively high as well. Officials estimate that about three times as many workers are injured off the job than while at work.

Our Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorneys understand that we face risks for injury on the job when safety is not a top priority. But employees are also urged to keep safety a top priority after they’ve clocked out of the job.

There are small changes that you can make to help to keep yourself safe. During the first week-long enforcement campaign of National Safety Month, officials with the NSC will be discussing and raising awareness about Employee Wellness. From the 3rd through the 6th of June, officials will be promoting the small changes you can make to improve your health and to reduce your risks of an accident.

In recent years, unintentional injuries and fatalities across the U.S. have continued to be a primary threat to health and well being. As a matter of fact, unintentional fatalities killed an estimated 126,000 in 2010. There were about 1,000 less in the previous year. These accidents aren’t cheap either. Every year, the cost of these injuries total nearly $750 billion. If you break it down, that’s more than $6,000 per household.

With the first week of National Safety Month, NSC officials are pushing Employee Wellness. This is a well-rounded week-long campaign to encourage workers to make the right decisions regarding their health. It’s as simple as making the right decisions at the dinner table and making the right decision to get up and to get moving. They’re small moves but they can add up to a whole lot of health and safety!

Officials are asking residents to keep an eye on what they eat, by minimizing sodium, white breads, sodas and fats. To make it easy, you should eat more fruits, vegetables, proteins, water and keep an eye on your portion sizes.

You’re also encouraged to get moving. Take a walk on your lunch break, ride a bike when you get home, start gardening, just get moving. Movement helps to keep you active and in shape!

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