Fall-Related Work Accidents in Anderson and Elsewhere Leading Cause of Injury

Our Anderson workers’ compensation attorneys have been talking recent about National Safety Month. Through June, officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are working to encourage and to educate employees about safe behaviors that can help to reduce the risks of some of the leading causes of preventable injuries and fatalities.
For the third week of the campaign, from June 17th through the 23rd, officials will be focusing on the risks that are associated with slip, trip and fall-related work accidents in Anderson and elsewhere.

The truth of it is that most fall accidents are preventable. Most people just think that falls are the result of someone not paying attention or of them being clumsy. Not true! There are a lot of factors that can contribute to these kinds of accidents. Some of these factors include your physical surroundings, your age and your health.

Did you know that every year more than 8.5 million people visit an emergency room because of fall-related accidents? Falls are actually the number one cause of intentional injury in the U.S. It is estimated that about a third of all elderly adults will fall each year. Are you younger than that? You’re not in the clear! Fall accidents affect workers of all ages and in all industries.

Tips to Reduce Your Risks of a Fall Accident:

-Be sure to keep stairs and other walkways clear of clutter. Never leave items lying in these areas.

-Make sure that all walkways are well-lit.

-Be sure that all porches and stairwells are equipped with handrails.

-Keep mats and other non-slip materials in areas that tend to get slippery floors, especially in bathrooms.

-If you’re climbing to higher levels on a ladder or on a stool, be sure to check the condition of these devices before using them.

-Never stand on a chair or a table to reach something.

-Make sure that you’re wearing the appropriate footwear on the job.

-In outdoor areas, be sure to clean leaves that have fallen and built up snow immediately.

-If you’ve spilled something on the ground, be sure to clean it up immediately.

-You want to be sure to periodically check the condition of walkways, steps and other commonly traveled areas.

-Never drink or take drugs while working. Both have the ability to alter your balance and your judgment, increasing your risks for a fall.

To help to reduce your own risks of falling victim, you’re urged to stay active. Get moving and stay in shape to better your reflexes, your flexibility and your strength. Review the medications you’re on. Know what their side effects are before popping any before work. Check your vision periodically. Poor vision greatly increases your risk of falling.

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