Company Under Scrutiny After Work Accident in Greenville

Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the state are investigating a recent work accident in Greenville that killed a worker and injured another.

The accident happened at a local construction site on Scuffletown Road in Greenville County, according to News Channel 7.

Crews of the site were digging a trench for a water line when one of the machines fell on top of the man and push him into the hole, entrapping him. The who was nearly 20 feet deep. Officials believe that the proper safety precautions were not made to reduce the risks of this kind of accident.
One of the company’s workers was killed in the accident. A second employee was stuck under the machine and was sent to the hospital in the accident. The company that the workers were employed by was Payne, McGinn & Cummins, Inc., a local construction company.

Our Greenville workers’ compensation lawyers understand that the company had two serious violations from OSHA that were issued back in 2007. One of the violations was for neglecting to inspect an excavation daily to point out and remove any and all hazards. The second of the two was for having an inadequate protection system for employers to protect them from cave-in accidents. The fines that came with these two violations was more than $4,000. It’s looking like the company will be soon receiving a repeat violation for not only violating the rule again, but for having an accident result because of it.

In the most recent Greenville accident, a 28-year-old worker was killed. The second victim in the accident was still at the hospital and was last updated to be in “good” condition.

Officials have not determined the exact cause of the accident but officials with South Carolina’s OSHA will continue to investigate. Officials report that this process could take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

No matter how many trenching, shoring, and backfilling jobs you’ve done in the past, it’s important to approach each new job with the utmost care, caution and preparation. Many work-related accidents are the direct result of inadequate initial planning. Waiting until after the work has started to correct mistakes in shoring or sloping slows down the operation, adds to the cost, and increases the possibility of a cave-in or other excavation failure.

Officials estimate that about 2 workers are killed each month in trench collapses. Each worker in a trench should be protected from a cave-in by an adequate protective system.

A competent person must inspect trenches daily when conditions change. An unprotected trench is an early grave. Never enter an unprotected trench.

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