Works Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere Lessened with Tougher Exams

There’s a new safety rule on the books and it’s working to help reduce the risks of work-related accidents in Asheville and elsewhere for the drivers of commercial trucks and buses.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), healthcare professionals who perform medical exams on these workers will have to be better trained, qualified, tested and certified before giving them the okay to hit the road. These medical examiners are in charge of making sure that these drivers are able to safely operate their vehicles. With better and more thorough oversight, the new rule aims to lessen the risks for trucking accidents on roadways nationwide.
Within the rule, there will also be a national database created to hold the information for all of the examiners who complete the more rigorous recommendations. Then, drivers will be required to get their examinations from one of these medical professionals. Examiners who are not in the database will not be allowed to perform these examinations and their diagnoses will be void.

Our Asheville workers’ compensation attorneys understand that truck and bus drivers work some of the most grueling hours and have some of the most sporadic schedules. They’re asked to drive during all hours of the day and they’re asked to drive hundreds of miles at a time. It’s important that these drivers are in acceptable health. That’s why there’s so much focus from safety officials on the men and woman that hold these positions. Keeping an eye on our drivers can help to reduce the risks of a potentially fatal accident.

“This new rule will ensure that healthcare professionals conducting exams keep in mind all of the demands required to operate large trucks and passenger buses safely,” said Secretary LaHood.

The new database, the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, will help officials with the FMCSA to keep an eye on our nation’s medical examiners and ultimately an eye on the health condition and driving abilities of drivers nationwide. This oversight is used to make sure the skills and health of our drivers are up to par and we can all work to reduce the risks of trucking-related accidents, injuries and fatalities.

The new rule was designed to coordinate with the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) recommendations on comprehensive training for medical examiners as well as the tracking of driver medical certificates.

Within the next month, the Administration will be posting its training and testing guide for our medical examiners. It can be found on the Administration’s website.

Later in 2014, medical examiners that are certified are required to be signed up with the National Registry database. Drivers will be required to obtain an examination from one of these qualified individuals.

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