Work Accidents in Greenville Reduced by Random Inspections

According to a new study, random workplace safety inspections might be the key in helping to eliminate the risks of on the job accidents in Greenville and elsewhere. The study, conducted by officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), revealed that random workplace safety inspections actually do help to improve work site safety without leading to burdensome expenses or job loss. Some safety experts are even saying that these kinds of inspections could be the new model for testing whether or not future regulations will be effective.
As it currently stands, OSHA is in charge of conducting work place safety inspections. The problem with the way that it’s done now is that these inspections typically follow a work accident, a workplace complaint or they come in the middle of a safety campaign. In all of these scenarios, companies have a warning and can clean up their act at that particular work site to avoid any citations and fines. That doesn’t give officials a true idea of how safe a work place is. After the inspections are completed, most companies just revert back to the same unsafe work practices they had in the first place, until the next inspection that is.

Our Greenville workers’ compensation lawyers understand that employers are required, under federal law, to keep workplaces as safe as possible for all employees. This means that all known hazards need to be eliminated, the proper safety equipment needs to be provided for each job and all workers need to be properly trained in the duties they’re executing. Employers are also required to keep record of all on the job injuries and accident reports. This not only helps the employer to see where their safety standards and practices are lacking, but it allows OSHA officials to monitor workplaces when investigators are not present.

Companies who were subjected to random safety inspections reported a decrease in the number of work-related injuries by about 10 percent in the 4 years following the initial safety inspection. These numbers were in comparison to the companies that were not subjected to the random inspections. In addition to the decrease in accidents and in injuries, the cost associated with these kinds of incidents, including missed work and medical treatment, dropped by more than 25 percent. All in all, the inspections had no effect on a company’s sales, total earnings, employment or the survival of the company itself. It just merely helped to protect employees and to reduce the risks of accidents.

“Our study suggests that randomized inspections work as they’re meant to, improving safety while not undermining the company’s ability to do business,” says Michael Toffel, with Harvard Business School.

In 2011, there were nearly 5,000 workplace fatalities. The fatal work injury rate rose slightly over the last near, going from 3.5 to 3.6 fatal injuries per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers.

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