Teens’ Risks for Work Accidents in Rock Hill and Elsewhere through Summer

As we head into the summer season, students throughout the state will be let out of school for their summer break. During this time, many students will be out in the working world and will be on the hunt for a summer job. It’s during this season that we also see an increase in the number of teen work accidents in Rock Hill and elsewhere.
In 2010, there were nearly 17 million employees across the United States who were under the age of 24-years-old. Our Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorneys understand that this young age group of employees accounted for nearly 15 percent of the country’s workforce.

Unfortunately, this young age group has a high rate of injury on the job because they typically hold occupations in which hazards are common, like in restaurant settings. In addition to the dangers that can be found in their work environments, the inexperience of these young workers also makes them likely to be the victim of a work-related accident, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The younger the worker the more obstacles they must overcome on the job, including inadequate strength, fit, cognitive abilities, etc.

During this time, parents are urged to talk with teens about the rights that they have on the job:

-To work in a healthy and safe place.

-To be adequately trained for job-required tasks.

-To be paid at least the minimum wage for work completed.

-To work without the fear of being harassed or discriminated against.

-To ask for changes in the workplace because of medical conditions or religion beliefs.

-To help someone who may be investigating the workplace for possible violations.

-To start or join a union.

Parents should also discuss employer responsibilities:

-To provide a healthy and safe workplace.

-To provide the necessary safety gear for each employee.

-To adequately train all employees.

-To talk with employees about hazards that may be found on the job.

Lastly, parents are urged to talk with teens about their responsibilities at work:

-Ask for all of the training needed to completely the job safely.

-Know and understand all of the safety procedures.

-Look out for coworkers’ safety.

-Respect coworkers.

-Never take shortcut.

-Find out what to do if there’s a work-related injury or accident.

-Report and dangers or hazards to the supervisor.

There were nearly 340 workers under the age of 24-years-old who were killed in work-related accidents in 2009. Nearly 30 of these fatalities occurred to workers under the age of 18-years-old. Parents are urged to make sure that the young worker in their family understands and recognizes their rights in the workplace to help to reduce their risks of a serious or fatal work-related accident.

If you or the young worker in your family has been hurt in a work-related accident in Rock Hill or in any of the surrounding North Carolina areas, contact the Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorneys here at Lee Law Offices, P.A. for legal advice regarding your rights as a worker. We are a dedicated law firm that is here to offer assistance in protecting the rights of injured workers and their families. Call us today to schedule a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 1-800-887-1965.

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