Employer Actions Fighting Car Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere

Transportation-related accidents are some of the top causes of work-related accidents in Asheville and elsewhere. One of the main reasons that working drivers are getting into so many accidents on our roadways is because they are gabbing on the phone or text messaging behind the wheel. Oftentimes driving workers are talking to their employer or to a work dispatcher when these accidents happen. The truth of the matter is that it’s just not worth it.

In 2010, Distraction.gov estimates that roughly 3,000 people were killed in distraction-related auto accidents. Because of these sobering statistics, the National Safety Council (NSC) is continuing its efforts to make our roadways safer for everyone. It recently released a newly-updated version of its Cell Phone Policy Kit to help employers to create, enact and enforce a cell phone policy for its driving employees.
The new and free kit was created to help employers to reduce the risks of accidents among employees and to build leadership support in your organization for a cell phone policy as well as to communicate to employees the crash risks and the need for a policy.

Our Asheville injury attorneys understand that many employers are concerned about losing business when employers are not able to use their phones. According to a recent study of 2,000 people, the NSC concluded that there were nearly 600 companies that already had a policy in order and nearly 100 percent of those surveyed reported absolutely no decrease in productivity. Employers are urged to review the materials for this policy and to create a cell phone policy for their work place to help to keep employees safe.

According to Distraction.gov, distractions contribute to about 20 percent of all car accidents. Here’s an idea of how serious it’s getting: In June of 2011, there more than 195 billion texts sent or received in U.S. That’s a number that’s up nearly 50 percent from June of 2009.

The risks of distracted driving:

-Drivers who use a hand-held device behind the wheel are nearly 5 times more likely to get into a serious accident.

-Drivers who text behind the wheel are nearly 25 times more likely to get into an accident.

-Text messaging takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of about 5 seconds, which is enough to travel the length of a football field when traveling at just 55 miles per hour.

-Using a phone while driving gives a driver the same reaction abilities as a driver who is legally drunk (with a blood alcohol concentration of .08).

-Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by nearly 40 percent.

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