Work Accidents in Winston-Salem More Likely with Decreasing Unemployment Rates

More and more residents are heading back to work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a matter of fact, unemployment rates dropped in thirty states from February to March. Twelve states had no fluctuation whatsoever. North Carolina was one of those states that saw a decrease. With the dip, more residents are heading back to work and risks for work-related accidents in Winston-Salem and elsewhere are increasing.
In addition to the monthly decrease, there were 49 states that saw a decrease in their unemployment rates when compared to the previous year. New York was the only state to experience an increase.

Our Winton-Salem workers’ compensation lawyers understand that our state was noted for having one of the most drastic decreases from February to March. Behind Oklahoma and Mississippi, the state of North Carolina saw a drop in its unemployment rate by roughly 0.2 percent. That may not seem like a big change, but when you consider the entire population of the state, that’s a relatively large group of employees heading back to work. With more workers on the clock and more hours being logged on the job, the risks for serious and fatal work accidents increase significantly. For this reason, it’s an excellent time for workers and employers to review on-the-job safety practices to help keep everyone out of a potentially fatal accident.

You may remember the decrease in the workplace injury rate in the state back in 2010. It was actually one of the lowest rates we had on the books in quite some time. Experts report that our state had an injury rate of 3.1 cases per every 100 full-time workers. This was one of the lowest rates in the country, only beat out by Louisiana, Texas and New York. You’ve got to remember that, during this time, many residents were out of work because of huge layoffs and a struggling economy.

From 2010 to 2011, we saw an increase in the number of fatal work-related accidents in our state. The number went from 34 to 48. Still, that’s a number that’s much lower than the five-year average of roughly 53, but a number still rising with the improving economy.

“Any workplace death is a tragedy and of great concern because it affects so many people – the family, co-workers, the community and our department,” said Cherie Berry, the Labor Commissioner for North Carolina.

All this talk about decreases in the number of on-the-job fatalities may be uplifting to workers across the state, but it’s important to remember that as more residents head back to work it’s time to start thinking about the risks and dangers faced by many workers. It’s time to step up our work site safety efforts to help keep the returning workers safe. By federal law, it’s required that employers provide safe and healthy workplaces for all employees by minimizing work-related hazards, dangers and risks for accidents. Employees have rights and these rights need to be protected.

Employers are reminded of the four top types of work-related accidents that account for about 80 percent of on-the-job fatalities: electrocution, being crushed by an object, falls and being hit by an object.

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