Family Issues Can Contribute to Work Accidents in North Carolina

There may be more contributing to your risks for an on-the-job accident in Asheville than you think. As a matter of fact, a recent study from the University of Georgia concluded that your risks for an accident are increased by more than 35 percent just for having stressful family issues. Thought family and work were separate from one another? Think again!
The recent study took findings from its survey, “Occupational Injury in America: An analysis of risk factors using data from the General Social Survey,” to determine just how influential a worker’s personal life and family issues are on their work safety. Here’s what the researchers did: They looked at the risks for work-related accidents in terms of organizational factors, as well as employment characteristics and socio-demographic factors. More than 1,520 workers responded to the survey. Dave DeJoy, a University of Georgia professor, headed the survey and the study.

Our North Carolina injury attorneys understand that the study also concluded that companies that operate effectively and have minimal constraints on worker performance had the ability to reduce injuries by nearly 40 percent. These characteristics help to form an employee’s perception of a positive safety climate. These perceptions have the ability to reduce the risks for on-the-job injury by more than 30 percent.

“Actions taken or not taken at the organizational level can either set the stage for injuries or help prevent them,” said DeJoy.

DeJoy goes on to stress the importance of active procedures and policies. No, not the ones that are formalized, but the ones that are actually acted on help to define a worker’s perception of climate of safety.

An unfortunate factor that contributed to work-related injury risks was the amount of interference a worker had from their family lives. The more a worker is thinking about or dealing with family stresses, the higher their risks are for a work accident.

DeJoy says that researchers and workers used to think that family and work were two different things, but the truth of the matter is that the two are intertwined. When one is suffering, the other will suffer as well. Poor family life has the ability to reduce an employee’s performance and productivity, as well as increase his or her risks for an accident.

Regardless of what perceptions and what personal factors do to a worker’s safety on the job, it’s still the employer’s responsibility to provide the safest and smoothest work conditions possible. With safe work conditions we can help to achieve better perceptions, decreased risks for injuries and happy employees. It’s a win-win situation.

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