Work Accidents in North Carolina and Elsewhere Results from Laxidasical Leadership

Olde Atlanta Recycling LLC was recently cited with almost 25 safety and health violations for exposing employees to a number of dangers that could have resulted in some serious employee injuries.

Employers in all industries are required under federal law to reduce on-the-job hazards and are required to help prevent work-related accidents in Asheville and elsewhere. The recycling facility that was investigated and cited was in Cumming.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the inspection was the result of a November complaint and observed violations resulted in fines that totaled more than $69,000.
“This inspection has identified several safety and health deficiencies that need to be addressed by Olde Atlanta Recycling in order to protect its workers,” said Bill Fulcher, of OSHA’s Atlanta-East Area Office.

Our North Carolina workers compensation lawyers understand that the company was handed fifteen serious safety violations accompanied with penalties of nearly $56,000. These violations were written for neglecting to provide an energy control program for employees who work with equipment to keep the machines from starting up unintentionally; for failing to make sure that employees who powered industrial trucks wore their seat belts; for using PVC piping to transport compressed air; for not providing the proper signage to mark the facility’s emergency exits; for neglecting to formally train powered the drivers of industrial trucks; for not installing the proper guard on the end of an air nozzle; for neglecting to properly protect workers from injuries resulting from a dangerous conveyor belt; for not correcting various electrical problems; and for not making sure that the height of the ceiling of an exit met the minimum requirements.

The company was also handed four serious health violations. These violations came with penalties totaling nearly $11,000.

Serious Health Violations:

-Not performing the proper hazard assessments for employees who were at risk for laceration injuries.

-Failing to enforce training program for employees who were exposed to loud levels of noise.

-For failing to implement a noise monitoring program.

The company was also handed two other-than-serious violations that came with fines of nearly $3,000. These violations were for neglecting to make sure that workers who were using respirators were offered info on OSHA’s respirator standards and for neglecting to create and implement a hazard communication program.

Fulcher reminds employers that they have a responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and hazard-free workplace for all employees.

The truth of the matter is that a recycling facility is no place to make mistakes. Safety needs to be a top priority in these facilities. Small mistakes can lead to fatalities. In 2011, 10 employees were killed at recycling plants, according to David Biderman with the National Solid Wastes Management Association.

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