Spartanburg Work Accidents Caused by Heavy Machinery

Many employees use big, heavy machinery on a daily basis. What many of these workers may not recognize is that if they are not careful, they can be at some serious risks for a work-related accident in Spartanburg and elsewhere. It’s not unlikely for these kinds of accidents to result in death.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heavy machinery can injure employees in a number of ways. Hot surfaces can cause serious burns, super sharp edges can cause lacerations and moving parts can easily crush fingers, hands and other extremities. Machine-related injuries also have the ability to result in burns, blindness and even amputations.

Our Spartanburg workers’ compensation lawyers understand that employers and employees can practice simple precautionary steps to help to reduce the risks for these kinds of accidents. One of the first steps in preventing a machinery-related accident is to install safeguards. When a machine performs a function or has a part or a process that can injure a worker, there are federal standards that require it to be safeguarded. When the operations of a machine can result in a contact injury, then the hazard must be either controlled or eliminated. Often, these dangers are overlooked or ignored by employers and serious injury, or even death, results.

Machines used on the job can often weigh hundreds of pounds and require specific operator training. Unfortunately, many of these accidents continue to happen because employees are not properly trained to use these machines. If the equipment is misused, the machines may malfunction or fail altogether. But often, even in these scenarios, the incident is not the fault of the operator. That’s because employers are required by federal standards to ensure that employees are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable regarding their daily duties and how to operate the equipment they use. Work accidents can result when work conditions are unsafe and because of negligence on the part of either contractors and subcontractors.

Common Machinery Associated with Severe Work-Related Accidents:

-Back Loader.





-Skid Steer.

Regardless of what type of tool is involved in a machinery-related accident, the truth of the matter is that these kinds of accidents can be disastrous and often deadly.

Machine injuries can be life-threatening and could serve a major blow to a person’s finances that could last a lifetime. Sometimes these accidents are so severe that a worker can’t return to work ever again. Employers and employees are asked to keep safety as a number one priority when working with large machines. The proper training and precautions can help to avoid these life-altering consequences of a machine-related work accident.

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