Asheville Work Accidents on OSHA’s Agenda

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is still working diligently to help to reduce the risks of work-related injuries in Asheville and elsewhere during hydrostatic trenching, excavation and trenching and equipment operations. OSHA recently announced it will renew its partnership with the American Pipeline Contractors Association (APCA) to do just that.
David Michaels, Assistant Secretary for the Labor for Occupational Safety and health, said that OSHA aims to make sure workers are protected anytime they are working on pipeline construction in the gas and oil industries.

Our Asheville workers’ compensation lawyers understand that these collaborative efforts will continue to help change the culture and operations of the pipeline industry. The renewed enforcement efforts are planned to help employers focus on accident and injury prevention on work sites. As this is a federal requirement, OSHA continues to help employers meet federal safety standards to help make sure that all employees are adequately protected from accidents on the job.

The renewed partnership is going to be a two-year project in which the alliance will be sharing information regarding on-the-job health and safety standards, employer responsibilities, worker rights, etc. through a number of stakeholder meetings, exhibits and forums. Other focuses will be on issues that pertain to on-the-job distracted driving and effective communication with non-English speaking workers.

Currently, the APCA addresses environmental, safety and security issues regarding those employed in the pipeline industry. Those covered under this umbrella include contractors, suppliers and manufacturers of related services and products. The APCA is currently representing nearly 15,000 employees and about 50 companies. It offers training for those working in the ever-changing pipeline industry, as well as effective tips for keeping up with these changes.

Through the program, both the APCA and OSHA work with employers and employees around the country to help prevent workplace illnesses, injuries and fatalities. The groups there are trade, consulates, professional and union organizations, community- and faith-based organizations, educational institutions and various businesses. These groups are working together with the APCA and OSHA to create compliance assistance resources and tools that can be shared with workers throughout the industry. These resources are used to educate employees and employers about their responsibilities and rights.

What are the benefits of an Alliance?

-Assistance in helping workers access beneficial ways to achieve workplace safety, access health tools and access info regarding their rights on the job.

-Resources to best maximize employee health and safety protections.

-Help to establish a progressive dialogue within the agency and those who are committed to employee safety, health and rights.

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