Unemployment Rates Dropping, Risks of Carolina Work-Related Accidents Increasing

The economy is recovering and residents are heading back to work. With the reduction in the unemployment rate, we’re seeing an increase in the rate of work-related accidents in the Carolinas and elsewhere. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the non-farm employment stats increased by about 200,000 in December. Now, the unemployment rate sits at less than 9 percent. An increase in employees has been seen in the industries of mining, health care, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, among others 2dMuJkJ.jpg
Our Carolina workers compensation lawyers understand the unemployment rate is down. More than 13 million people were unemployed in the United States in December. While this number may seem large, it’s important to remember this is in fact a reduction from recent statistics. This is nearly a 1 percent reduction in the unemployment rate since August of 2011. As people are heading back to work, it’s an important time to remind employers they have a responsibility to protect employees from common serious and fatal work accidents.

Major Work Group Numbers in December of 2011:

-The unemployment rate for adult men showed an 8 percent decrease in December.

-The unemployment rate for adult women stood at nearly 8 percent.

-The unemployment rate for teenagers stood at more than 23 percent.

-The unemployment rate for white employees stood at nearly 8 percent.

-The unemployment rate for black employees was nearly 16 percent.

-The unemployment rate for Hispanics stood at about 11 percent.

-The unemployment rate for Asians was still about 7 percent
The number of those who were long-term unemployed, meaning that they were without a job for more than 26 weeks, stood at about 42 percent of the unemployed population.

The number of people who were part-time employees, for economic reasons, dropped by more than 370,000. This category defines individuals who were partaking in part-time work because their position, hours or ability to find work had been cut.

Nearly 3 million people were marginally attached to the labor force in December, meaning that while they were not in the labor force, they wanted and were available for work and had looked for employment sometime in the previous year. These individuals were not considered to be unemployed because they didn’t look for a job in the 4 weeks prior to the survey.

December’s Employment Rates:

-The number of employed and unemployed members of the civilian labor force stood the same throughout the month.

-Non-farm employees increase by roughly 200,000.

-Private sector employees rose by more than 210,000.

-The number of workers in transportation and warehousing increased significantly by more than 50,000.

-Seasonal employee hiring was strong in December.

-The retail industry gained nearly 30,000 workers.

-The manufacturing industry gained nearly 25,000 employees.

-The mining industry increase by nearly 10,000 employees.

-Health care gained nearly 25,000 workers.

-Food services (hospitality and leisure) gained nearly 25,000 employees.

-The construction industry remained about the same.

According to the preliminary stats, there were nearly 5,000 fatal work accidents in 2010. As the economy recovers and the working market gets more employees, accidents are bound to be more common. Be safe our there to help to reduce the risks of a work-related accident in 2012.

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