OSHA’s ‘Picture It: Safe Workplaces for Everyone’ Contest Winner From Charlotte

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has been boosting its efforts to create public awareness about occupational health and safety to help reduce work injuries in Greensboro and throughout the country.
As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, OSHA sponsored its first photo contest, inviting the public to capture an image depicting a safe work environment. Participants were encouraged to take pictures of workplace safety and health and submit to OSHA for judging. A secondary contest was offered to OSHA staff by challenging them to submit pictures of safe work environments or images promoting health in the workplace.

Gastonia workers’ compensation lawyers agree that increasing employee awareness may help reduce work accidents, but it is really up to the boss to make sure all workers are provided a safe environment and ample amount of training to perform work duties safely.

OSHA received more than 300 submissions with photos representing a range of industries and activities. OSHA awarded six winning photographs in addition to seven honorable mentions. The safety administration also received 50 photographs for the secondary contest from OSHA staff. The photos were judged by a panel of experts.

View winning photos here.

Public Contest Winners:
1st Place was awarded to a participant from Cincinnati, Ohio. The picture shows workers out in the sun wearing protective hats, gloves and footwear. The workers are also utilizing proper tools to perform the job task.

2nd Place was awarded to a participant from Charlotte, N.C. The photo captures workers well above ground level working to install solar panels. The workers are wearing protective gear and are harnessed with fall-protection equipment.

3rd Place was awarded to a participant from Mesquite, Texas. The image depicts sparks flying while a worker is using a large piece of equipment. The worker is wearing protective head gear and gloves with no other workers present within close proximity of where he is working.

OSHA Staff Winners:
1st Place was awarded to an office in Braintree, Mass. The picture is of three workers completing a task involving heated temperatures and a fire-related environment. All workers are wearing fire-resistant coats and boots, and other personal protective equipment to prevent face and eye injuries.

2nd Place was awarded to the same office in Braintree. The picture is of an OSHA investigator walking down a long tunnel ready to investigate workplace safety at the job site.

3rd Place was awarded to an office in Washington, D.C. The winning photo was an image of a worker at a wind turbine construction site well above ground level.

Winners receive a framed certificate, and their photos will be hung in the Department of Labor’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., as a constant reminder of the importance of workplace safety.

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