OSHA Video Series Aimed to Reduce Injuries at Construction Sites in Charlotte, Nationwide

We frequently report how the construction industry is one of the most dangerous types of jobs and how employers who fail to protect employees from hazards in construction areas put workers who report to work at risk of severe injury or death every single day. A recent fatal construction accident in Charlotte is a reminder that worker safety must take precedent in an industry that is valued at $1 trillion.
WSOCTV reports a man was killed while taking a nose dive through a garbage chute into an industrial-sized construction bin from 3 stories up. The man fell from the roof of Pike Energy Solutions in Charlotte. He was pronounced dead at the scene as rescuers were unable to save him from life-threatening injuries. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating as no one knows the cause of the accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported over 800 construction worker deaths in 2009. One out of every five deaths at work were construction accident-related, making it the most fatal single industry nationwide. Construction workers are at risk of injuries related to heat stress, cold stress, asbestos, noise and hearing loss, electrocution, motor vehicle accidents, skin disease and large machinery accidents among others.

In order to help employers and employees prevent construction-related accidents, OSHA has released a new series of videos about the potential hazards in the construction industry. Some of the hazards included in the videos are fall accidents, struck-by accidents, trenching hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning, strain and sprain injuries and excavation hazards.

Each animated video is roughly 2 to 4 minutes in length and is available in both the Spanish and English language. The video portrays a real-life situation based on true stories that resulted in serious injury or death. The 12 videos are easily accessible by visiting the v-Tool Construction Hazards website. Users should run your mouse over hazards in a construction site picture or list, click on the hazard to load the video and watch the screen. Employers and workers can also learn actions to help prevent these types of accidents by watching each video clip.

General safety tips for construction workers include:

-Use extra caution when operating vehicles or large machinery. Be careful getting on and off and make sure the work area is hazard free while in operation.

-Request personal protection equipment to help reduce the severity of injury when an accident occurs.

-Get the necessary training before using large hand tools or power-operated equipment. Many tools or machinery can be dangerous without proper instruction on how to operate.

-Become aware of the dangers of asbestos, silica dust, combustible dust or other hidden dangers that may not be obvious to the human eye but make a work site extremely dangerous.

Construction industry employers have a responsibility to comply with all current OSHA requirements. Failing to ensure safety precautions and a safe work environment puts workers at risk and could lead to a wrongful death or workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina.

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