Black Friday Sales Events to Bring Increased Risks for Work-Related Injuries in Spartanburg

It’s no secret that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Stores roll out their biggest deals ever and consumer mobs head out to save some money. Without the proper safety precautions, these events can get ugly and employees can be injured in a work-related accident in Spartanburg and elsewhere throughout the Carolinas. Black Friday brings out large crowds and without the proper safety plan, the crowds can get out of hand and things can get dangerous.
Our Spartanburg workers compensation lawyers understand that employers have a responsibility to keep workplace conditions safe and hazard free for employees. This is especially important during Black Friday sale events. In 2008, a worker died during the opening of a Black Friday. Employers are urged to start planning for this year’s Black Friday sales. Taking the proper safety steps can help to reduce the risks of a work-related injury when dealing with the large crowds of shoppers.

Planning for Black Friday:

-Make sure to equip areas expecting large crowds with the appropriate security officers, crowd management personnel or police officers on site.

-Workers should be designated to specific areas of your store. Make sure you have enough employees to cover all areas.

-Create a plan on what each worker is responsible for to avoid confusion on the day of the big event.

-Train all workers on how to properly manage the event and to manage crowds.

-Make sure that your business has all the required licensed and permits.

-Contact the local hospital, emergency responders, fire department and police department to notify them about your event.

-Be sure that your business has the proper signage presented throughout the store to indicate the location of emergency exits, restrooms and sale items.

-Have an emergency plan ready to address problems regarding crowd issues.

Right before the event:

-Make sure barricades and rope lines are in place to effectively route crowds.

-Allow customers through in intervals. This will help to eliminate overcrowding.

-Designate employees to explain the entrance and check-out procedures to customers to make lines flow smoother.

-Make sure all employees have radios or walkie-talkies to be able to effectively communicate with one another.

-Consider tickets or wristbands for the sale of popular items.

-Consider conducting an internet lottery for “hot” sale items.

-Keep shopping carts and other hazards in a safe area away from customer traffic.

-Create pamphlets for customers waiting in line to help communicate entrances, exits and locations of sale items.

During your Black Friday event:

-Before opening the doors, alert all customers and employees.

-Make sure all entrances are guarded with police, uniformed guards or other authorized individuals.

-Make sure that all crowd-management individuals are placed on the side of walkways, not in the middle.

-Never exceed your building’s maximum occupancy limit. Stop customers from entering and wait for more to leave if you reach this limit.

-Make sure shoppers with disabilities have a safe way to enter and exit your store.

-Keep all exit doors clear.

-Make sure everyone knows in advance who to contact in the event of an emergency.

-Make sure that Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and first-aid kits are available.

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