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The 2010 summary of fatal work injuries was recently released by the workers’ compensation attorneys in Winston-Salem want to remind injured workers and their families to fight for the rights you deserve. No injury resulting from a work accident is too small to have medically evaluated because you never know how injuries can be life changing weeks, months or even years later. Documentation of an accident can help in your battle to receive compensation.
Fatal work injuries in Asheville, Gastonia and Charlotte can occur regularly if an employer doesn’t put the safety of a worker first, above all else. According to the preliminary report, North Carolina reported 134 fatalities related to work accidents in 2010. The total was more than most other states and a higher recorded tally than in 2009.

Nationwide, there were a total of 4,547 fatal occupational injuries in 2010. When we put that into perspective it is an average of 12 deaths a day. The final report won’t be released until 2012 but it is expected the numbers will increase by roughly 3 percent since that has been the case each of the last three years.

It would be nice if we could pinpoint who is most likely to sustain an injury, but the truth is anyone can be involved in a serious or fatal work injury. According to the report, Latino and African-American or black (non-Hispanic) occupational work fatalities decreased, while white worker fatalities were up by 2 percent. The non-Hispanic black or African-American employees showed the biggest percent change with 9 percent fewer deaths than in 2009.

This is the second consecutive year for a decrease among this race as a 21 percent drop was reported in 2009 and a 37 percent decrease has been reported since 2007. Work fatalities dropped by 4 percent in the Hispanic and Latino ethnic group which resulted in the lowest total since 1997. There were a total of 682 Latino and Hispanic work deaths in 2010 of which 63 percent were workers born in another country.

The number of hours worked increased for wage and salary workers but self-employed workers worked 2 percent less than the total hours in 2009. Salary and wage workers reported a 2 percent increase in deaths occurring from a work accident compared to a 6 percent decrease in fatalities reported for self-employed workers from 2009-2010. The total of self-employed work fatalities was the lowest total reported since 1992.

The report indicated that 2010 showed a drop in male fatal injuries but an increase for women who were killed by a work accident. Female work fatalities increased by 6 percent in 2010 which was partially due to the 13 percent increase in female homicides and violent acts taking place at work. The three age groups that presented an increase in work fatalities were 17 and under, 25-34 year-olds and 55 years-old and higher. All other age groups reported lower totals for 2010.

The Top 5 fatal industry sectors reporting occupational injuries are:

  • 780 fatalities occurred in construction jobs, which was about 17 percent of work fatalities for 2010.
  • 657 injured workers died in warehousing and transportation, or 14.4 percent of total work fatalities in 2010.
  • 600 workers died in hunting, fishing, forestry or agriculture jobs comprising 13.2 percent of total fatalities.
  • 373 professional and business services workers died from a work accident which equates to more than 8 percent of work fatalities.
  • 324 employees died at manufacturing-related jobs in 2010 or 7.1 percent of total occupational fatalities.

“As our economy continues to strengthen and the workforce expands, we at the Department of Labor will remain resolute in our mission to ensure that safety is not sacrificed as America’s workers provide for themselves and their families,” said U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis. “My constant focus is ‘good jobs for everyone,’ and safety is an essential part of that equation.”

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