Fear of Losing a Job Can Silence North Carolina Workers Injured at Work

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that the employment situation remains bleak with job markets changing very little for July. Employers are continuing to make cuts wherever they can which could result in putting workers in danger at work and at high risk for a work injury in Statesville, Hickory, Greensboro or elsewhere in the state.

Asheville workers’ compensation lawyers want to remind employees to pay special attention to cuts being made around you because if you feel your safety is in jeopardy you have a legitimate gripe and should pursue legal action immediately if anything happens to you.
According to BLS, the national unemployment rate held steady at 9.1. North Carolina’s unemployment rate is currently at 9.9 but the downside is that only 10 other states and the District of Columbia either match or have higher unemployment rates than our state, which means we live in one of the toughest states to find a job. Industries that saw job opportunity gains in July, however, were mining (grew by 9,000), manufacturing (grew by 24,000), retail trade (added 26,000 jobs), and health care (grew by 31,000 jobs).

Sadly, BLS reports that 44.4 percent of the jobless nation has been unemployed for 27 weeks or more. This equates to about 6.2 million people nationally. Budgets are being cut at the federal, state and local government levels which mean employment gains rely mostly on the private sector to create jobs. The services sector was the only private sector that showed promise throughout the country.

With grim numbers like these reported throughout the United States, most North Carolinians feel lucky to have a job. So much so, that if something at work puts a worker in danger or at risk of injury they may turn the other cheek because they fear losing their job if they become the squeaky wheel. Workers’ compensation attorneys protect workers every day from injuries that occurred from unsafe work environments. Workers have rights and deserve to be protected.

The National Safety Council offers these suggestions in hopes of maintaining a safer work environment:

  • Employees should fill out perception surveys which help employers to understand where the safety risks are within an organization and work to improve so no injuries occur on the job.
  • Safety management systems should be developed and explained thoroughly to all employees, especially new hires. These systems help establish a framework of processes and procedures and what is expected to reduce the risk of injury on the job.
  • Consider the risks of slips, trips, falls or overexertion at your workplace and minimize by communicating to a supervisor or boss so that direct attention can be given to that area.
  • Keep records of injuries and adjustments made to fix the problem so that progress can be measured and gaps can be filled over time.

If you work in an unsafe work environment of feel your safety has been jeopardized by cuts being made by your employer, contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Lee Law Offices, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss your rights. Injured workers in North or South Carolina can call 1-800-887-1965.

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