Workers’ Compensation Reform Continues to get Attention of Lawmakers and Injured Workers in Charlotte, elsewhere in State

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers in Charlotte and elsewhere are keeping our eyes on the negotiations taking place regarding North Carolina’s workers’ compensation reform.
All sides in this ongoing debate remain optimistic that a fair outcome will prevail, though no formal agreement has been reached, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Over a hundred people packed into a meeting of the North Carolina Select Committee on Tort Reform to hear from speakers regarding the Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill (HB 709). Those speaking included: Rep. Dale Folwell, Bobby Crumley of the North Carolina Republican Attorneys Association, Dick Taylor of the NCAJ, and John McAllister with the NC Chamber of Commerce. Rep. Folwell in his opening remarks made reference to a 13-hour “marathon” meeting reviewing HB 709 with interested parties.

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act does not allow, under most situations, an injured worker to sue their employer. The only legal remedy is workers’ compensation. The General Assembly has been visited by over one thousand injured workers encouraging lawmakers to support a balanced and fair system.

We continue to update our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog with the latest developments to House Bill 709. Call your North Carolina elected official and remind them that the workers’ compensation system is not broken. Tell them in these hard economic times you don’t want more families without an income or a lower income. Let them know that employers should be obligated, not taxpayers, to pay for injured workers. Remind them that businesses in North Carolina pay fair premiums already.

Remember the passage of Bill709 will:
-In most cases cut off benefits after 500 weeks, regardless of the workers’ ability to work.
-Limit the ability of an injured worker to be treated by a doctor of their choice. They must go to a doctor picked by the insurance company or employer. And benefits could be discontinued based upon a claim that the employee is not cooperating.
-Require an injured employee to accept almost any job, no matter the pay, or have benefits stop.
-Let insurance companies talk to a worker’s doctor and examine a worker’s medical records without the worker’s consent.

Our lawmakers need to protect our stable workers’ compensation system. State officials need to make protecting injured workers, not insurance companies and corporate profits, a top priority.

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