North Carolina Youth Carnival Ends in Tragedy – Teen Work Accidents a Summer Danger

Recently the News & Record reported on a fatal accident at the Greensboro Youth Council’s (GYC) Carnival.

Our Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro workers’ compensation lawyers realize carnival work is dangerous and carries a high risk for young adult injuries in the work place.

While dismantling a Ferris wheel, 2 workers fell from bucket-style lifts when a cable broke. The workers were each in a bucket at different locations. The employee in the higher bucket was killed and the other remains in the hospital in critical condition. The Ferris wheel is 90 feet tall and needs to be taken apart piece by piece (16 buckets and spokes). A 67-foot crane and two 50-foot bucket lifts are needed to dismantle the ride. The axle of the wheel is 50 feet tall. At the time of the accident, all 16 buckets had been removed and 9 of the spokes. The North Carolina Department of Labor’s Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau inspects all traveling amusement park rides after they are assembled. Any ride with deficiencies must be fixed and re-inspected before it becomes operational. Authorities report the company that owns the Ferris wheel has no OSHA citations in any state, dating back to 1972, the year citations were first issued. The GYC carnival, celebrating its 48th year, is the biggest youth-run event in North Carolina.

We have previously posted on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog on the risks teens face at work. The UNC Injury Prevention Research Center recently reported that tens of thousands of teens require a trip to the emergency room for work place injuries. Annually at least 70 teens die from work-related injuries and 100’s more require hospitalization. A teen’s employer is obligated to provide adequate training and supervision, a safe work environment and safety equipment. If a teen is injured on the job, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will tell you they are entitled to benefits. Compensation can be obtained for work accidents as long as you exercise your rights. It is against the law to be fired or punished for claiming workers’ compensation.

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