North Carolina Ranks in Top 10 for Cost of Crash-Related Deaths

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study reveals motor vehicle fatalities cost an estimated $41 billion in work loss and medical expenses annually. The CDC results are based on 2005 data, the most current year it said all-inclusive statistics on costs were available. Over half of all costs ($20.4 billion) are in the following 10 states: California ($4.16 billion), Texas ($3.50 billion), Florida ($3.16 billion), Georgia ($1.55 billion), Pennsylvania ($1.52 billion), North Carolina ($1.50 billion), New York ($1.33 billion), Illinois ($1.32 billion), Ohio ($1.23 billion) and Tennessee ($1.15 billion).

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers in Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro want you to know that car accidents that happen on the job are covered by workers’ compensation. Let’s review the exceptions and general rules about car crashes under the NC Workers’ Compensation Act.

-Coming and Going Rule: Generally speaking, if you are in a car crash while going to or coming from work it is not covered by workers’ compensation. The reason being it is not an unusual risk as a duty of employment, most people have to drive to work each day.

-Contractual Duty Exception: An injury from a crash can be covered if an employer gives an employee a vehicle to use as part of their employment. An accident happening while using the company vehicle to travel to and from work is covered. An accident may not be covered if using a company vehicle is a goodwill gesture by your employer and not a requirement of your job.

-Special Errand Rule: An employee is covered if they are injured in an accident while running an errand that benefits their employer. In this case the coming and going rule doesn’t apply.

-Dual Purpose Rule: If your employer sends you to the bank and while there you do some personal banking and then have a car accident on the way back to work you are covered. If you run to the bank for personal reasons only and are injured then you are not covered.

-Traveling Salesman Exception: If you are required to travel as part of your job you are covered and the coming and going rule doesn’t apply. If you run a personal errand that is clearly not job-related and have an accident then you may not be covered.

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