Doctor Fed Up With So-Called North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Reform

A Raleigh doctor who has practiced medicine for more than 20 years is speaking out about workers’ compensation insurance carriers. He warns that those filing workers’ compensation claims in North Carolina should be prepared to battle employers and insurance companies as they attempt to limit the amount of medical care that an injured worker receives, according to News Observer.
This doctor has witnessed insurance carriers instruct nurse case managers to sit in on medical appointments of injured workers. These carriers report the appointment results back to insurance adjusters and question treatment plans to secure a treatment more appealing to these insurance companies instead of what may actually be more beneficial for the patient.

Our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers understand that the workers’ compensation system can be shoddy at times with insurance companies looking to cut corners to save a quick buck. Those who have experienced a work accident in the area are urged to speak with an experienced attorney to assure that they’re getting the proper compensation for their injuries.

Even when nurse case managers aren’t present, insurance companies often have “Peer Review” doctors from other hospitals discuss treatment recommendations for these patients to benefit the insurance agencies.

Most often, doctors are paid poorly when treating workers’ compensation patients. Many doctors are hesitant – and sometimes refuse – to treat these patients.

To make matters worse, a newly proposed bill aimed at changing the workers’ compensation system will further erode the ability of a physician to care for an injured patient independently. We’re referring to House Bill 709, also known as “Protect and Put N.C. Back to Work.”

This new bill would allow insurance companies to contact your doctor directly to demand that treatment plans be changed. It drastically decreases the ability of an injured worker to request changes in treatments. Workers would then be barred from receiving second opinions and would be prohibited from seeking opinions from private doctors.

As we’ve recently discussed on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Blog, local lawmakers need to take every precautionary step to protect the current workers’ compensation system and fight against any so-called “reform” that would do nothing other than strip rights from injured workers. The main focus of these bills needs to be protecting our injured workers and providing them with the proper compensation instead of finding new ways to benefit insurance companies and large corporations.

Only real workers’ compensation reform would continue to strengthen what is left of the doctor-patient relationship. A legitimate reform would recognize that cost containment is secondary to the goal of affecting the most complete, quickest and easiest recovery for the injured worker. The newly proposed House Bill 709 does nothing of the sort and North Carolina workers deserve better from their government.

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