Workers Memorial Day on April 28th honors workers killed on the job in South Carolina, nationwide

Recently The Post and Courier reported on a mother’s quest to pay tribute to her son who was killed on the job.

Our Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers in Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson understand the tragedy of losing a loved one while at work; a place that should be safe.
Her 18-year-old son was working part-time as a maritime pipefitter at the Detyens Shipyard back in December 2005. When she went to pick him up she knew something was terribly wrong. Numerous emergency vehicles were on scene, and she was told there had been an accident. While working on a military ship in a holding tank area, waste had been accidentally released. Her son was unable to escape the tank and was killed by the colorless, odorless toxic gas hydrogen sulfide produced by raw sewage.
Workers Memorial Day has been around for a long time but doesn’t get much attention. April 28th was chosen because it is the date the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) went into effect.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, South Carolina had the following number of on the job fatal injuries. Work-related events included falls, transportation fatalities, equipment issues, exposure to harmful substances, assaults or other violent acts and fires and explosions.

Year / Total
2009 / 73
2008 / 87
2007 / 122
2006 / 95
2005 / 132
2004 / 113
2003 / 115
2002 / 107
2001 / 91
2000 / 115

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in the U.S., an average of 16 workers die each day from work-related injuries and roughly 134 die from work-related diseases. Each day, approximately 11,200 private-sector workers suffer a nonfatal work-related illness or injury, which requires over half of them to transfer jobs, have work restrictions, or take time off from work.

Nearly 9,000 workers each day go to the emergency department for treatment of an occupational injury and almost 200 of these injured workers require hospitalization.

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