North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Pressure Lawmakers over Bad Work Accident Reforms

As our Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers continue to report on our North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog, state lawmakers are moving to limit the rights of injured workers.

These are your elected lawmakers. Instead of protecting your benefits, they are moving to hand big business more profits by reducing your rights to collect damages in the event that you suffer a North Carolina work accident.

Below is a copy of a letter sent by Lee & Smith attorneys. We encourage you to send your own letter to your lawmaker. You never know when it will be you or someone you love who needs to protections afforded by North Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws.

RE: House Bill 709 and Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

The TERRIBLE proposed Bill reducing your workers’ compensation benefits has been filed as House Bill 709.

If this bill becomes law, it will:

(1) Take away your right to choose your own physician, even if you want to pay for the doctor yourself, and take away your right to ask the Industrial Commission to approve a treating physician of your own choice;

(2) Take away all medical privacy rights by allowing the insurance company (and the insurance company=s attorney) to talk to your doctors without your prior knowledge or consent;

(3) Let the insurance company cut off your compensation based on the claim that you aren=t cooperating with the doctors they selected;

(4) Cut off compensation after 500 weeks without regard to whether you have any wage-earning capacity, and even if you can NOT return to work;

(5) Require you to take any job within your restrictions, even when the pay is minimum wage; and

(6) Except for the most extreme injuries, rights to medical compensation, including prescription medication, will be cut off at 500 weeks past your injury.

Also of great concern are House Bill 542 and Senate Bill 33, which strip away an injured
person’s rights if they are injured by Medical Malpractice, Defective Products, and even
reduce potential recoveries for other injuries, including car wreck claims.
Here is the contact information for your State House Representative and State Senator:

State House Representative: State Senator:

Name: Name:
N.C. House of Representatives N.C. Senate Address: Address:

Phone: (919) Phone: (919)
email address email address

Please write, email and call your State Representative and Senator today. No one is going to carry the ball for you on this matter. These elected representatives must hear from the people they represent. That means you. I believe a letter is more effective than an email. If you email your representative, please also send a print-out of the email through the mail.

We also suggest that you contact the Governor=s Office to express your concern that the State Legislature proposes to greatly reduce rights of the citizens and workers of North Carolina. Her office contact information is: Beverly Perdue, Office of the Governor, Constituent Services Office, 116 West Jones Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603, Phone: (800) 662-7952, e-mail address is .

It is URGENT that you take a few minutes RIGHT NOW to write these elected officials to express your objections to this proposed new law.

Thank you for your attention to this VERY IMPORTANT matter.

Yours truly,



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